10 Champions who united sport and human rights

Today is the international sports day. This is an opportunity to remember these champions who knew how to combine sport and rights (civil, human, social). Under the sign of inclusion, so that no one feels excluded. We have selected 10 who – for what they do or have done – have taken sides and become a source of inspiration.

Colin Kaepernick

On your knees, during the American anthem, for the most global protest in recent years. on your knees: protest against the injustices suffered by the black minority in the United States and put Donald Asset back against the wall. On your knees today: Because the 34-year-old NFL quarterback has been without a team since 2017: Those who fight for rights bend, but don’t break.

Megan Rapinoe

A football champion: the most famous in the world. A champion when he takes sides. Civil rights paladin, always at the forefront of battles LGBTqi+, openly pro-Biden (and against Trump), willing to volunteer time and contributions to anti-racism campaigns. A life in photo: that of the Olympic kiss to his companion Sue Bird from Tokyo in the summer of 2021.

Lewis Hamilton

Here’s one who doesn’t sing in the choir. Here is one that makes hearts roar, as well as engines. Do you remember? At Mugello, he stands on the podium with a T-shirt on which it is written: “Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor“. “Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor”, or the young African-American killed in Kentucky following a shooting by three local police officers.

Lara Lugli

Athlete. And mom. Together. Athlete and mom. Can it be? Yes it is possible, she had a hard time proving it. Playing volleyball, getting pregnant, getting kicked out of her club, Pordenone Volley. Move the battle to civilized territory, no more and not just in sports. Set an example because, as has been said, “in the world of sport, being a woman is often an aggravating circumstance”.

Morten Thorsby

Sampdoria footballer, Norwegian, “Green Player”, environmentalist for the natural inclination of anyone who thinks the world is everyone’s home. They baptized him Series A “Greta Thunberg”. Morten shrugs and goes his own way, trying to educate his colleagues on the most pressing environmental issues.

Roger Federer

You can become a tennis legend and – at the same time – provide an opportunity for thousands of children. It’s been doing it for twenty years Roger Federer Foundation, that is, the foundation created to help the poorest children in Africa with educational projects. Over the years, Federer has invested around $14 million to build 81 preschools. Numbers that weigh, numbers that make life better.

Astuillo Malgioglio

Unknown to most, but Astutillo was a ubiquitous figure in the 80s and 90s of our football. Since always, since he was twenty years old and he started to be a goalkeeper in Serie A (Brescia and Inter are part of his teams), he has been committed and is committed today ( who is 63 years old) in the social sector in favor of dystrophic children, so that they too can have the rights of all. At the end of 2021, the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella appointed him Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

Mohamed Ali

Siding in favor of the black minority. In the America of the 60s. Against all. Pay dearly because they force you to step out of the ring and take off your gloves. Prove that you are the best. For who you are, for what you do. Muhammad Ali: no one like him. Even today, he is a source of inspiration for millions of children who have a virtuous idea of ​​sport.

Billie Jean King

They provoke it: you women will never beat a man in tennis. It’s 1973. The man’s name is Bobby Rigs. Billie is ahead of him, in front of 90 million connected viewers around the world. He beats it with pride, with talent, with heart. She beats him because she is better. The most abnormal match in tennis history will be remembered as “The Battle of the Sexes”.

Caster Semenya

The poisons, the suspects. Your identity is at stake. Defend it, mark it. Feeling excluded, then readmitted. At each race a judgement, at each end a sentence. Caster suffers from hyperandrogenism, i.e. the production of male hormones, i.e. testosterone by the endocrine, adrenal and ovarian glands. Caster is a woman. To fight in the courtrooms to shout it to the whole world, to become an icon. Man? Women? Has no importance. The human being matters.


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