100 grams of cranberries a day save the heart

Cranberries and heart. Some research had already highlighted the importance of taking this fruit to have a marked improvement in health. Eating a pound of cranberries every day can help keep your heart healthy. The confirmation comes from a study carried out by the prestigious research center of King’s College London. The results were published in the scientific journal Food and function.

Cranberries are already considered a very important fruit for our health

Already other studies had shown that these berries were able to prevent urinary tract infections and could reduce the risk of gum disease and stomach ulcers.

The best way to get all the benefits of this fruit is to eat it as it is found in nature instead of consuming the juices, which are often high in sugar.

The UK study on the relationship between cranberries and the heart

For their study, researchers from King’s College analyzed data from 45 men aged 18 to 45 for one month. The goal was to see if this fruit had an impact on blood pressure, heart rate and arterial health. Everyone took cranberry powder, the equivalent of 100 grams of fresh fruit. A second group took a placebo.

Men who consumed the berries daily saw their arteries widen by 1.1% after just one month. This is a sign of improved blood circulation.

The effect of cranberry antioxidants on the arteries

When arteries narrow, blood flow decreases, causing heart problems.
There were no improvements in heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

The research team measured the dilation of the arteries a few hours after taking and after a month. Already two hours after taking the cranberries, the width of the arteries had increased by 1.5% compared to the control group. This condition would be linked to the fact that the blood is full of antioxidants. After a month it was, as mentioned, +1.1%. The placebo group had no change.

Cranberries and heart: the role of antioxidants

The increase in polyphenols and metabolites in the blood and the associated improvement in the dilation of the arteries after the consumption of blueberries underscore the important role that this fruit can play in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Now the study will have to undergo further testing, expanding the pool of people to be tested. The fact that one hundred grams of cranberries is enough is great, because it’s a quota that everyone can eat every day.

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