30 agents protect formation, Al Khelaifi summoned by Emir

Paris Saint-Germain is a powder keg, the defeat and the elimination in the Champions League in the round of 16 fuel the climate of the accounts at the end of the season. From the president, Al-Khelaifi, to Leonardo and Neymar: what can happen and what lies behind the scenes of the club’s management.

The goalkeepers who occupied the PSG training ground (as reported by RMC Sport)

Eliminated from the Champions League in the round of 16. Excluding French Cup. To the Paris Saint Germain, who made golden bridges to Lionel Messi in support of millionaire investments, there is only the championship to be won. The tenth championship is a very meager consolation when he already has it in his pocket thanks to a current advantage of 13 points over the second in the standings (Nice). Only Pochettino’s team can lose him and even when he does win him, he’ll be worth little more than a twinkling garland. The real goal was to establish itself in Europe, to lift this Cup which was a concern (because of the blows received in recent years) then became an obsession (for having caressed it only when Bayern was seized).

A disaster. The anger of President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi is only the prelude to the showdown that will take place at the end of the season. For the time being, it must be closed by limiting the damage, closing ranks, keeping the discontent of the fans at bay, which will manifest itself at the Parco dei Principi (on the occasion of the next internal match) but that will be the bottom of here until May, the last act of Ligue 1. PSG resumed training two days after the KO of the Bernabeu: it was the worst 48 hours in the history of the club characterized by the controversy over the gross mistake made by Donnarumma , by the goalkeeper’s quarrel with Neymar (later denied by the Brazilian), by the furious rage of the top manager unleashed against the Dutch referee, Makkelie, and his assistants.

Everything happened and to stop the chain reaction, even avoiding the involvement of supporters, the company set up an impressive security service. Private guards occupied the sports center with the task of defusing any hint of protest and preventing any contact between the most enraged ultras and the players. But that’s the least important aspect of the story, like fumaroles at the mouth of the volcano. Under the cap the pressure of the magma will soon cause the cone to explode and be devastating.

The monstrous salaries of PSG published, the accusations against Neymar: “Almost drunk in training”

Investigative journalist Romain Molina who, through his Youtube channel, lifted the veil on the hidden face of power at the top of society, revealed what the situation is within PSG. A gray area behind which proliferate tensions, conflicting relationships and mistrust, legal troubles that bring up the most important figures of PSG, starting with number one, Nasser Al-Khelaifi to the players, including Neymar.

PSG coach Pochettino alongside director Leonardo and president Al-Khelaifi.

PSG coach Pochettino alongside director Leonardo and president Al-Khelaifi.

The president (who is also number one of beIN Sports) is strongly suspected and accused of having bought a 5 million dollar villa in Sardinia from a former FIFA director, Jérôme Valcke. Why would he? According to the information collected by the Swiss Court, the basis of such a gesture was the desire to exert pressure to acquire the TV rights for the 2026 and 2030 World Cups in the Middle East and North Africa (crime of alleged corruption so that he risks more than 2 years in prison). This is not the only situation that gives headaches: investigations are also underway on the assignment to the 2019 World Athletics Championships.

Did not like. As leaked, the current sports director, Leonardo, would be poorly tolerated. Al-Khelaifi himself would keep him out of the direct and exclusive relationship with the Emir of Qatar. Ex-AC Milan player accused of having unhappy relationship with coaches Pochettino, Tuchel and Carlo Ancelotti; suspicious management of contacts with prosecutors, judging by some upward contract renewals for certain actors; a feeling never born either with the youth sector or with the female selection.

As for Neymar, the purchase (he cost 222 million euros) and a salary in gold are considered a bad deal in view of the performance of the players. Also hampered by physical problems and injuries that have weakened his performance, the former Santos and Barça seems the shadow of the champion who should have coached PSG, giving goals and spectacle. Worse still would be the way he lives off the pitch.

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