36 Hilarious Examples Of Pets Caught With Paws In The Bag Stealing Food

Anyone has the fortune to have a pet in his life, he knows very well how much joy and how many joys he can bring to a house, because with his way of doing things, often funny and bizarre, he always knows how to get a smile and to make our life better.

1# Her face after catching her eating a whole package of sandwich bread

Reddit / Cauzix

2# Her look after stealing an onion


3#”i’m just having a little snack

Reddit / Tallon22

However, our lovely friends on all fours they also tend to get under their noses, especially when the stakes are fanciful snack who think they can eat with us.

4# Sausage Thief Caught

Twitter / @GulaAquarius

5# I turned around for 2 seconds and he tried to steal both my girlfriend and my food


6#”I didn’t steal the egg, I swear


Dogs, cats and even lizards, parrots and elephants have been caught with the paws in the bag while humans couldn’t resist taking pictures of them so they never forget to leave their food unattendednot even for a moment.

7 # He stole a barbecue burger from the new neighbors

Reddit / Ok-Note9836

8 # The mysterious thief leaves a clue in the pan


9# Taken

Reddit / serisho

In fact, when dogs are caught in the act, the expression on their noses changes suddenly and generate a false sense of guilt that prevents us from scolding them, while cats, on the contrary, continue to look at us challenge and they don’t care at all about our reaction.

10# The face of a thief

Reddit / voidabrasax

11# I think I found the pasta thief


12# Every meal you eat, every bite you eat, I will watch you

Reddit / Glazuur

According to experts, even for pets, food is considered an element fundamental to survive and therefore even when they have had enough, their instincts take over and tend to appropriate everything within their reach.

13 # Lola stole a cake wrapper and made a mess all over the bed


14 # My dog ​​decided to steal the pumpkin the neighbor left for us on the porch. That’s the look he made when we tried to take him back


15# Meet the Bacon Thief. Photo taken on Christmas morning

Reddit / sample text1111

Obviously not all animals have this predispositionbut if a dog or cat has this attitude, it is a good idea never to leave food unattended, especially that which could be poisonous or harmful for their health.

16 # At home, while waiting…


17 # My Grandkids And I Made A Snowman, Then This Guy Stole His Nose

Reddit / GroovyJacuzzi

18 # Do you think you have problems when your dog asks for food?

Imgur / JesusChristSuperstar

19 # He stole my croissant and thinks I didn’t notice

Reddit / Janitroll

20# While I was at work my cat opened the cupboard where her food is, stole all the packages and hid them in the dryer

Reddit / Ragdemot

21 # Isabelle who stole all our sandwiches


22# The cat is back with a sausage stolen from the barbecue of unknown neighbours…


23# A nice little thief

Reddit / berkeunsal

24# Bread Thief

Reddit / ailinabduction

25# This elephant is called Bhatbhoot stealing rice from a military base in Binaguri, India


26 # Caught in the act

Twitter / @miguelcolinart

27 # He Stole Peanut Butter

Reddit / tfro9

28 # Caught in the act: Monet ate some of our soup left unattended

Reddit / maxenee

29# My kitty steals everything, including food from the fridge


30 # I Caught A Thief On Christmas Day


31# Someone Stole My Snack


32 # My wife caught our dog stealing my taquitos. He looks very guilty


33# This cute thief stole my mini pancake


34 # Their mother stole defrosted chicken from my neighbors kitchen and they took advantage of it

Reddit / GarageAromatic

35# I caught my cat stealing food

Reddit / moeichi

36# Hope you enjoyed my breakfast


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