5 tips to find it and stay in shape

Some tricks to win the “fight against time” typical of a world that turns faster and faster

Pierfrancesco Catucci

“I do not have time”. This is the most common self-absolution among those who would like to play sports, but who end up not doing it. Of course, to respond adequately to each of the daily stimuli that bombard us, the 24 hours of a day are no longer enough, but it is a limit that cannot be exceeded. Might as well adapt and try to optimize the time available. Even with a training session, to be interpreted as an investment in his well-being. So here are some tips for overcome laziness which will then lead to the fateful “I don’t have time” and will take advantage of every moment at your disposal.

why train

It may look like discovering hot water, but before you start there is a fundamental question to uncheck: why do you “have to” train? And, in this specific case, why did you choose to present yourself? The answers can be numerous and all valid, from the desire to get back in shape before the summer, to the desire to participate in a few races or even the simple pleasure of spending an hour in a park. The important thing, though, is knowing why you’re running and remembering all those “I didn’t have time” times. Having established this, the next step is have a clear long-term goal. Whether it’s running 5 km in a row or 10 km in 45 minutes or, even more simply, an hour without a break, it doesn’t matter. What matters is having a clear, achievable short-term goal, then constantly updating it as you reach it. This will give you extra motivation to go to work out even when laziness is about to take over.


Hitting the “wake up” button is still very risky, but trying to nibble away a few minutes of sleep (not too much, as it’s essential to sleep well anyway) could be an exercise in finding some extra time. Regulate sleep-wake rhythmin fact, it’s one of the keys to being more rested during the day and being able to carve out a window for physical activity. Run in the morningthen, and perhaps even on an empty stomach, it is an excellent solution for teaching the body to generate energy not so much from sugars, but from gluconeogenesis.


Even preparing the clothes you want to wear the next morning for a run and putting them in a prominent place from the night before is a trick that will make this mechanism of self-absolution after giving up a little more complicated. And, if last-minute commitments make it impossible to get dressed and run too park the car a little further from the place of work, or even getting there on foot or by bike, could be an excellent compromise that does not replace training, but at least leads to a minimum of movement in addition. Besides giving up the elevator every once in a while. For the series, however, little is better than nothing.


Looking at smartphone usage statistics could be another way to realize that often we have time, we just have to learn how to optimize it and not waste it. Ignore social media notifications and consulting them only 2-3 times a day, for example, could be a solution to “gain” precious minutes to use later in a workout, or even more simply in a regenerating walk. And then, being able to detach a little from virtual life will certainly also bring some advantages in terms of serenity.


Stare at a date with friends it’s another great way to be a little more rigid with yourself and to “push” yourself even when laziness creeps in. It will be the same for the other members of the group, all motivated not to be an obstacle to the training of others. And then, running or training in a company is always a good way to share a moment of joy and feel less tired.

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