77,621 cases, 170 deaths and +131 hospitalizations

The Ministry of Health has published the bulletin relating to the emergency Coronavirus in Italy updated to Wednesday March 30, 2022. The number of new positives is down compared to yesterday: over the last twenty-four hours 77,621 were recorded against 524,899 samples processed. The positivity rate has fallen slightly: it is now at 14.8% (-0.3%). The patients who have recovered and been discharged, however, are 55,303.

The bad news is that even today there are more than a hundred deaths caused by the consequences of the virus: 107 people did not survive. In the hospital, the beds currently occupied by patients COVID-19[female[feminine for which hospitalization was necessary amounted to 10,352 units including 481 in ti. Regular room admissions in the past twenty-four hours have been +131. The resuscitation, on the other hand, empties: the balance sheet is -6 units. (updated by Chiara Ferrara)


here is ministry of health coronavirus bulletin of today, Wednesday March 30 2022. With just under 48 hours left before the state of emergency expires, let’s discover together for the umpteenth time in these two years and passages of the pandemic, how infections are evolving. While waiting for today’s report, which will be made public after 5:00 p.m., let’s take a look at yesterday’s newsletterwho communicates to others 99,457 cases of positivity out of 660,708 anti covid swabs between rapid and molecular antigen. the positivity rate it was again high, exactly 15.1%, whereas, on the number of deaths due to covid, yesterday’s figure marked 177, for a total of 159,054 deaths since February 20, 2020, a very high number.

In Italian hospitalsInstead, the current situation speaks of 487 hospitalized in intensive care, given that compared to the previous coronavirus bulletin from the Ministry of Health it remained unchanged, and another 9,740 in the medical field, for a difference compared to at the last report of +244. Finally, regarding the region Lombardythe yesterday’s newsletter reported 12,518 other infections.


Less than 48 hours and then we’ll say goodbye to the emergency state and a slew of restriction measures in place for over two years now, but that doesn’t mean the pandemic is over, let alone a “All free”. Insiders have been repeating this for some time, and the Undersecretary for Health also reiterated yesterday Andrea Costa.

Coming out into the open in the last few hours, as we read on Skytg24.it, he explained: “It has been two complicated years. If we are facing a new phase, the greatest thanks go to all the Italians who in two years have carefully followed the rules and above all have massively joined the vaccination campaign. New phase from April 1, it is obviously necessary to act with caution but the scenarios are positive ”. It is always: “There is an increase in infections but fortunately there is no particular pressure on the hospital network. We all want a return to normality.”


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