A championship in 40 days: what a great sprint

by Mattia Todisco

The last stop will be the current one. From next weekend, Serie A will not stop, it will continue to the end with a long sprint for all the goals at stake. The Scudetto is a speech that always concerns four teams: Milan, Naples , Inter and Juventus. The day to come, April 2-3, could already be decisive.

The Italian derby is played, while the Neapolitans go to Bergamo against Atalanta without Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani and especially Osimhen. On the other hand, the leaders find a Bologna which has won once in the whole of 2022. The trend is very similar to that of Inter, former dominator of the tournament, today chasing breathless whose hopes of recovery on Milan are also linked to the match with the Bolognese.

The hearing at the Collateral College has been set for April 13, if the decision comes quickly you could play on the 27th, unless the judges agree with the Nerazzurri. In the struggle for the top, no one has a smooth path, especially there are no teams that have proven themselves immune to the results crisis.

As well as having three points over Napoli, six over Inter and seven over Juventus, Milan have high morale and physical condition. He won the last three 1-0, has four trips to Turin (granata), Rome (biancoceleste), Verona and Sassuolo. In the most complicated races, he showed the necessary solidity. Paradoxically, given the trend, the match against Genoa at San Siro in mid-April (a few days before the Coppa Italia derby) could be more perilous. Still at home, they will face Fiorentina in the penultimate fourth and Atalanta in the penultimate.

Napoli’s path is not at all easy: Bergamo, Fiorentina and Roma at home are the next three stops. The risk of losing ground is high. The bottom five will instead be Empoli, Turin and Spezia in away fixtures interspersed with matches at Maradona with Sassuolo and Genoa. Everything will depend on the objectives that the opponents will still have in sight by the end. Were it not for the period of enormous difficulty, the best schedule on paper might be Inter’s. There’s Juventus straight away, then four out of seven home games (Verona, Roma, Empoli and Sampdoria) and away games against La Spezia, Udine and Cagliari. The real problem with Inzaghi is that to date every comparison feels like an Everest, thanks to poor form for many key players.

The last to hope for the tricolor is the Lady. The Italian derby, as for Inter, can be the turning point: if it wins it remains in contention, if it loses it risks to move away definitively from the summit. In the round of 16, he will find Cagliari, Sassuolo, Genoa and Fiorentina away (the alto also in the return match of the Italian Cup on April 20), Bologna, Venice and Lazio at the Stadium. The advantage over the three competitors is that if he wins the Scudetto it’s a miracle, if he loses it that’s what we’ve been waiting for since last fall. And position in the champion zone is an almost solid goal.

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