A game of American football that is not only good for your health

A meeting of the Charity Bowl League was held in Cernusco sul Naviglio in favor of the Impronteiffer association, which takes care of people with disabilities.

It was a big party yesterday, Sunday April 3, 2022, at the Scirea stadium in Cernusco sul Naviglio. In fact, a beneficial American football match took place between the masters of the local team, the Demons, and the Devils of Formigine (Modena).

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The Charity Bowl League at Cernusco

The meeting was part of the Charity Bowl League, which organizes friendly games for charity purposes for the masters category, that is to say those over 45 years of age. The event aimed to raise funds for the Cernuschese association which deals with Impronte different disability support. All profits, net of expenses, will therefore be donated to their activities. In addition, thanks to the organizational support of the Charity Bowl League, an additional solidarity token of one thousand euros has been made available.

It was the first edition of the initiative and many contributed: like Twirling Cernusco with the little athletes from the promotional sector and the Cheerleaders Glitters who delighted the public with some of their performances. The musicians of the Atelier Pro Art, meanwhile, guaranteed musical moments between one breath and the next.

The mayor was also present Ermanno Zacchetti, which kicked off. In short, it was a great party for everyone, favored by a rather hot day in terms of temperature, but sunny. The protagonists of the event thought of warming up everyone.

This is not the first initiative in favor of different footprints. On March 12, 2022, the “SOSpesi Lenzuoli” initiative took place, dedicated to International Women’s Day.
It is an artistic project designed by the Milanese performance artist and architect Silvia Capiluppiwho has promoted the creation, to date, of 119 files in Italy and around the world “embroidered with the red thread of love” (as she herself specifies) concerning issues of equal opportunities and rights, the fight against violence, beauty treatments, nature and the soul and, never like today, the promotion of peace and the ideals of equality, solidarity and inclusion.

The idea was brought to the city by the Impronte Diverse association, thanks to the former high school art teacher in piazza Unità d’Italia, Maria Cristina Tebaldi, as a group volunteer. It had started together with Capiluppi the production of sheet number 74 during confinement two years ago, in collaboration with the children with disabilities followed by the group. The work took the title of “Amata Cernusco Ama”. The leaves were then brought along the Naviglio to Milan by the canoeists of the Canoa fluviale Martesana.

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