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The clock phase of the A2 starts tonight and OraSì at the ‘PalaCattani’ in Faenza will receive the Reale Mutua Torino at 8:30 p.m. The Giallorossi finished the regular season in 3rd place in the Red group, but the points of this second part could still change this ranking, so it is very important to start on the right foot.

“At this stage, we would like to face the first round of the playoffs with the home factor in favor – says coach Lotesoriere – but to do this we must remain in the top four. A mocking formula puts this possibility at risk, because we We are going to face formations built for a different type of championship. But we are living it with the greatest serenity and with the enthusiasm of what we have built up to now”.

A mocking formula defines it Lotesoriere: Ravenna will indeed face the 4th and 5th of the group of the Greens at home, but will go outside on the 1st and 2nd grounds, that is to say Udine and Cantù. “The formula was decided in the summer and we take note of it – says the OraSì coach – but for the future another type of reflection could be done, rewarding meritocracy. This phase on the counter instead puts the ranking of who did better in the regular season.”

OraSì’s first opponent is Reale Mutua, who closed the first phase with 30 points, the result of 15 wins and 11 losses and with an external performance of 6 wins against 7 KOs. In the championship, he expressed the second best offense with 81 points per game and the best shooting percentages of 2 (55%), in addition he was third in rebounds grabbed, 39.5 per game, and second in rebounds. team assists with 17.8 completed. passes per game. Among the negative data is the fact that she loses 16.5 balls per game, more than anything in the group of the Greens, who concede more than 77 points to the opponents and who have never managed to make a result against the four first in the ranking, losing in the 8 best comparisons. However, the data in favor of Piedmontese yellows and blues far outweighs those against.

“Turin has a very pronounced physical size and athleticism. It has top Italian players for the A2 series like Alibegovic, De Vico and Landi, but the player who impressed me the most – points out the OraSì coach – is center Devon Scott”. Those cited by Lotesoriere are the players who make up the backbone of the Piedmontese team and they are all elements capable of regularly going into double figures. Long Scott, in particular, has 15.5 points, 8.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists per game. However, the new leader, the German Bazoumana Kone, who arrived in Turin to replace injured first choice Trey Davis in March, remains an unknown. Kone is traveling to 5.7 points, 2 rebounds and an assist, but his chances are up.

Coach Lotesoriere’s ten are all available. The excavator composed of Duccio Maschio, Gian Lorenzo Miniati and Marco Barbiero will lead the race.

Stefano Pece

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