“A lot of uncertainty about 2022 and no action to improve public health” – Turin Today

In the morning, the illustration of the Advisor Icardi on the accounts of the health sector in our Region was held at the Health Commission.

“The scenario that emerges from the information is worrying especially for the future” they comment the president of the Pd group of the regional council Raffaele Gallo and the vice-president of the health commission Domenico Rossi.

“2021 ends in balance – keep it up from exhibitors – thanks to “one-off” measures. 2022, on the other hand, shows a negative picture of around 300 – 400 million euros due above all to expensive energy, the first Covid expenses and contractual adjustments and the absence of management actions related to the recruitment of the personnel and the demolition of waiting lists. All in a scenario that needs to be clarified in relation to the national health fund and its division.

“What is most worrying is the question of personnel costs – they specify Gallo and Rossi – We have repeatedly raised the issue of stabilizing those who, hired during the pandemic with fixed-term contracts, after being on the front line against the Covid, continually putting their health at risk, risk losing their employment and leaving important discoveries in health establishments, thus impoverishing more and more the supply of care. The accounts can certainly be kept in balance, but not to the detriment of the public healthcare offer. We need joint action from the regions and the government for the stabilization of temporary workers and for an extraordinary recruitment plan”.

“On the 2022 accounts – conclude the Advisors – we will be back soon to ask for clarification from the close of the first quarter of the ASL”.

Liberi group leader Uguali Verdi was also very worried Marco Grimaldi: “For once we agree with Councilor Icardi: we hope that the Government will not increase military expenditure and then fail to cover health expenditure. In addition to the costs linked to the pandemic, the Region assumes higher expenses related to the high cost of energy around 100 million euros, of which 80 would be fixed costs of ASL (such as heating) and 20 of fuel costs for ambulances etc. Not to mention the lack personnel: approximately 5,500 units of health personnel (according to union estimates) live in an unbearable state of precariousness and maintain their service while waiting to be stabilized, according to Icardi only 1,150 of them will have the conditions for stabilization. precarious when so many regions need staff? health systems are understaffed as many employees retire.”

What is the strategy for those around 3400? And what would be the cost of stabilizing all 4400? What is that of the permanent hire of 1150? These are the questions that I put to the Councilor and to which the Region must respond with detailed analyzes – continues Grimaldi – “If Icardi assumes less expenditure in the forecast of approximately 36-37 million relating to passive mobility, this means that by compared to the usual 80 million, last year we only spent 43-44 million? Did it happen for an improvement in the health system or because people did not move because of the Covid? Is it also quite possible that, compared to the 648 million euros included in the last budget to deal with Covid, were there no savings, given the many skipped interventions and closed services?“.

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