A particular health condition could put us at increased risk of weight gain and depression

Each disease has specific risk factors. For example, diabetes would be favored by excessive body weight, old age dementia, etc.

Today we are experiencing a very particular condition, which could make us more vulnerable to certain health problems. In particular, it would make us more likely to gain weight and suffer from depression.

So let’s try to understand what it is, based on the opinions of experts, from an international study.

The link between sugars and depression

The Umberto Veronesi Foundation gives us an interesting clue, suggesting how a particular health condition might put some of us at increased risk for depression or increased waist circumference.

It is insulin resistance, which would cause a growth of 5 centimeters in the waist and which would expose you to an 11% increased risk of depression.

This resistance is linked to a reduced sensitivity of the body’s cells to insulin, which promotes the absorption of glucose. Due to this, the body is less able to absorb glucose and hence the sugar would still remain in the blood and this would lead to high blood sugar.

The Veronesi Foundation indicates, citing a study conducted by Dutch and American universities, which involved more than 3,000 patients, to understand if insulin resistance could have links with depression.

A particular health condition could put us at increased risk of weight gain and depression

According to the experts who conducted this research, up to 1 in 3 people are insulin resistant, but many don’t even know it. This phenomenon also seems to be on the increase among the population. It is therefore a common condition and likely to bring depression closer to a large and ever-increasing number of people.

According to the study results, participants who developed insulin resistance during the first two years of the study were almost three times more likely to develop a depressive-like disorder.

This study, according to the researchers, is very important. On the one hand, this could indicate that drugs that lower insulin resistance could also help fight depression. On the other hand, it makes efforts to fight insulin resistance even more important.

Experts say the causes of insulin resistance include excessive consumption of high-calorie foods, poor physical activity, stress, and poor quality sleep. These would then be the points to touch to fight it.


Fatigue, joint and muscle pain but also depression could be the alarm bells for the lack of this precious vitamin.

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