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Of Enrica Roddolo

The princess returned to the Rock very thin, worried. While two investigations in Paris and Monaco are investigating the major maneuvers in progress to hit the prince.

Among the kings and queens of 16 other European countries gathered in London by Elizabeth II for the mass in memory of Philip of Edinburgh a few days ago, Albert of Monaco had a tense look. Worry. Indeed, the last few months have been very difficult at Le Rocher with the health problems of his wife, Princess Charlene, who has lost a lot of weight after the operations and has aroused great concern among certain tabloids, so much so that a liquid Un diet plan would have been studied for her, with a sports course to allow her to regain her strength.

Subjected to several operations for an infection in the otorhinolaryngological sphere, in her native South Africa and where there are specialized medical teams, she did not return to the Principality until the beginning of November after almost a year of absence. To be transferred immediately to a nursing home, the day before the national holiday. The princess still very weak, a state of deep physical fatigue will not yet allow her to take part in the celebrations of the national holiday, the palace announced on the eve of San Ranieri on November 19.

Two weeks ago, on March 12, she returned home after post-operative care outside Monaco (possibly in Switzerland), waiting for her with twins Jacques and Gabriella, her husband Alberto. Just in time to celebrate the Prince’s 64th birthday together on March 14, son of diva Grace Kelly and Prince Ranieri at the estate above Monaco at Roc Agel where Ranieri and Grace were already taking refuge.

After hearing from the princess’s doctors and seeing that her recovery is on track, it was mutually agreed that at this stage the princess can continue her recovery in Monaco, they explain to the palace. The next few weeks will be used to gradually resume official activities. In Monaco, it is hoped that – if the state of health allows it – at the end of May, the former South African swimming champion who married the prince in 2011, will gradually be able to show himself again.

But the princess’ health issues are tied to a bigger picture, which has been pissing off Prince Rainier’s son for months. And this is not the first time that the private affairs of the princes of Monaco have mixed with poisons and conspiracies in the small but very rich enclave of the Principality.

For months, a mysterious website has been attacking the people closest to the prince, four officials and people he trusts. Le Monde devoted to the Dossier du Rocher, the name of the case circulating on the web, a vast investigation speaking of a kind of discreet but sprawling G4 which would act behind the prince’s back. Looking for profit in business (billionaires), especially in real estate.

Attacking these people, the Principality that we want to bring about, is a destabilizing maneuver, says Prince Albert: even rumors about the health and the health of his relationship with Princess Charlene would be part of this maneuver to undermine the stability of the Principality at the foundations. And his figure. Angry, reports Point de Vue, the prince is now awaiting the result of two ongoing legal investigations in Paris and Monaco to clarify this whole poisonous affair. In the meantime, at the beginning of the year, to give a signal, he still wanted to renovate his Cabinet, the circle closest to the palace.

There’s a whole circle of people who have an interest in me not changing the way we do things here, and I’ve said this since my first year in office that my intention is to pursue more transparent and more ethical management, he said, contradicting the accusations of the Dossier on Le Monde.

Gi money and virtue, wealth and ethics, in the light of the sun, had promised during his first speech of sovereign in 2005, the son of Ranieri. Pap Ranieri – for his part – had gone through several difficult times during his reign: from the constitutional crisis at the very beginning of the love affair with Grace, to the showdown with De Gaulle’s France, just as Grace thought of for acting on the plateau (which was manipulated to weaken it), not forgetting the duel with the Greek shipowner Aristotle Onassis who climbed the SBM, the Principality’s tourist safe.

Finally, to complicate the picture, the Russian invasion of Ukraine: But Alberto immediately announced also in Monaco the adoption of sanctions and measures against Russia. And Russian wealth in Munich means about 750 wealthy residents (and much more, for example, the football team, AS Monaco, led by Russian Dmitry Rybolovlev). And yet, technically, Monaco, a “double tax” country that the prince removed from the OECD’s list of tax havens in 2009, only has permanent representation at the Council of Europe. But Alberto did not hesitate to announce that in accordance with its international commitment, the Principality has adopted and implemented, without hesitation, procedures for freezing funds and economic sanctions, identical to those adopted by most European States.

In short, after 17 years of reign, the most difficult year for the son of Grace and Ranieri. At the palace, for beloved Charlne’s health concerns, and around the palace for poisons.

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