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The National Recovery and Resilience Plan recognizes a strategic role in the redevelopment of sports facilities, aimed at promoting social inclusion and integration through the dissemination of sports culture. The Municipality of Biella has thus participated in the call for tenders expiring on Friday 22 April, intended for Municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants, for regional and provincial capitals with more than 20,000 inhabitants, which provides, for a municipality like ours, a loan of up to one and a half million euros, of which 60% is for the construction of a new structure and the remaining 40% for the maintenance or regeneration of existing factories. Another requirement of the announcement was related to the creation of a “Citadel of Sport”, which included at least three different sports disciplines.

The administration has decided to exploit the area between the bowling green, the Rivetti swimming pool and the fields of corso 53 ° Fanteria. The project provides for the construction of three padel courts, with the particularity of being the only ones currently in the province to have a stand. Functionality that would allow the organization of international tournaments and events. In Italy, the “padelmania” broke out for a while. The sport that combined the rigor of tennis with the fun of beach rackets exploded into the most difficult time for all of us.

Indeed, during the pandemic, when indoor or contact sports activities were at a standstill, the possibility of playing outdoors and without crowds gave padel an unthinkable propulsive boost. So in a few years we have gone from a few hundred fields scattered all over the peninsula to the current 4,669 (a number that is constantly growing). These figures go hand in hand with the significant increase in members of the Fit (Italian Tennis Federation), which estimates that the number of fans in Italy has exceeded one and a half million. In addition to padel, the area will include two beach volleyball courts (the proximity to the swimming pool will allow the perfect interaction of the two realities) and finally an artificial grass football field.

The changing rooms will be built “ZEB” (abbreviation of Zero Energy Building – Zero Energy Building) which will achieve a balance between self-produced energy and consumed energy thanks to the presence of a photovoltaic system and batteries, with a reduction in CO2 emissions. For the restructuring and regeneration of existing facilities, it was decided to work on the stand at corso 53° Fanteria, which is currently uncovered. The lighting system will also be replaced, which no longer meets the needs and is too impactful from the point of view of consumption, with significant energy savings.

The city councilor of sport, PNNR is launching calls for tenders and plants underlines how this project could lead to the creation of a real “Sports City” within Biella. The medium-long term objective would be to bring together all of the activity under the same ceiling, with a multidisciplinary citadel managed by a single entity.

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