a Sunday dedicated to sport and solidarity to help Ukrainian refugees

This weekend is played at home and will be a Sunday dedicated to sport and to solidarity: a charity event born of the collaboration between the Bazzara and the Venjulia Rugby Trieste of which the historic family roasting company from Trieste is the official sponsor. An event not to be missed in the city in which it will be possible to participate sunday april 10 of 12 at the Ervatti field in Borgata Grotta Gigante, 6.

Bazzara has chosen to support the senior women’s and under-17 sections of Venjulia Rugby Trieste. The agreement between the roaster and the sports club was presented to the public during the 53rd edition of the Barcolana. Determination, team spirit, respect, loyalty and inclusion: these are the exemplary founding values ​​of this sport also shared by Bazzara and carried with great cohesion and a sense of belonging by the Venjulia boys. Those who follow rugby know that its essence lies in the noble values ​​that underpin the sport, many of which also characterize Bazzara’s corporate philosophy. It is precisely by virtue of this great understanding and this community of views and values ​​with the Julian sports club, and with the world of rugby in general, that a fruitful collaboration was born which led, together with many other projects , to the organization of the next charity event. .

The solidarity game

A Sunday morning which, in addition to sport, will serve to promote broad reflections on the constant need to network, to team up and on the importance of this prerogative in work, in sport and in life with reference to the tragic situation that the Ukrainian people have been going through for more than a month now. At a time like this, the spirit of the game and teamwork joins the desire to do good to others: here is Bazzara, in collaboration with the Association We are missionOnlus at the service of the poor and the smallest, and with APE social clothinga social cooperative and sustainable fashion brand that creates supportive clothing and gadgets to help people in need, bought the supportive t-shirts reminiscent of a clear sky, which transmits peace and serenity but at the same time which represents the colors of the Ukrainian flag: blue and yellow T-shirts bearing the quote of Pope Francis “Peacekeepers“.

As always, Bazzara promotes inclusive projects, networking and still demonstrates it today. “In this sport you fight but you look each other in the eye and after the competition you hug and go together for laughs and jokes“says Franco Bazzara, president of the roastery. Mauro BazzaraCEO, confirms: “I find that this sense of friendship and loyalty characterizes both the world of rugby and that of coffee, one of the few where the value of the word has remained such“. A feeling that we should all have and pass on to others as much as possible.

T-shirts in support of Ukraine

Anyone can buy the solidarity t-shirt online and make a small difference. It will indeed be possible to buy it on the APE Social Wear website. The t-shirt bears the well-known phrase of Pope Francis pronounced in one of his prayers against war and is made in collaboration with Siamo Mission. The proceeds of the sale will be used to welcome refugees from war in ukraine through the Onlus.

Being a team is important, helping out right now is even more important. The Bazzara and Venjulia Rugby Trieste team are doing their part by supporting Ukrainian refugees with pride and commitment, now it’s your turn!


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