a surplus of 18 million which will go for new investments

The Municipal Council has approved the draft 2021 management report, the document that describes and verifies the achievement of the objectives set with the Provisional Budget approved by the Municipal Council. In line with recent years, debt reduction continues, going from 77,703,132 euros in 2020 to 69,450,177.52 at December 31, 2021. In 2017, it amounted to 101,137,503 euros. A reduction which makes it possible to reduce the debt per inhabitant to 462 euros, against 677 euros 5 years ago.

The education and social sector represents the bulk of the establishment’s overall current expenditure, in particular the main items concern education and the right to studies (17.8 million), social rights, social and family policies (30 million ), transport and mobility law (14.7 million). Note also the chapter devoted to sustainable development and the protection of the territory and the environment (2.8 million) and the more than 15 million earmarked for land use planning and housing. More than 1.2 million have been devoted to the protection and enhancement of cultural assets and activities, as much for youth, sports and leisure policies.

For expenditure related to investments – 61.6 million in total – the focus on urban regeneration and roads, environment and school is confirmed: among the main interventions of 2021 we recall urban and environmental redevelopment of the northern tourist area of ​​Rimini (6.5 million suburban tender), the implementation of sections 1, 2 and 8 of the Parco del mare (7.6 million), the new Ferrari primary school (4 million ), heritage maintenance (2.1 million), securing national road 16 north of Rimini as part of the 2014-2020 development and cohesion fund (1.3 million) and the extraordinary maintenance of sports facilities (1.2 million). The 2021 accounts close with an overall positive administrative result, which will be submitted for review by the City Council, of 157.4 million euros, up from the 2020 balance sheet (around +15 million).

“A result that allows the administration to have a solid basis for planning the future, which will have to take into account both the delicate social and economic phase we are going through, still marked by uncertainties, and the need to push the restart after two years hard hit by the pandemic – underlines the budget adviser Juri Magrini – The budget closes with a free surplus of approximately 18 million euros, resources that will be used to continue the path of redevelopment and innovation of the city, through the realization of the works and strategic infrastructures necessary for the development and to support recovery. In this sense, encouraging signs emanate from the territory, which are confirmed in the balance sheet under the item urbanization charges, an increase compared to previous years. A fact that, in addition to confirming the positive effect of the variants and urban planning tools introduced in recent months by the municipal administration, serves to photograph an entrepreneurial liveliness that we want to continue supporting, creating the best conditions to foster a definitive reboot”.


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