A Taste talk about the food of the future • Nove da Firenze

the to speak is on time Monday, March 28 that 12 p.m. in the UniCredit Taste Arena of the Fortezza da Basso, on the theme “Food of the future – Financing to support a sustainable food supply chain”.

The meeting is organized by UniCredit and Pitti Imagine within the framework of the exhibition dedicated to Italian excellences of taste and the most recent evolutions of food lifestyle.

The talk will be opened by the interventions of Raphael Napoleon, CEO of Pitti Immagine; and of Livio Stellati, Head of the UniCredit North Territorial Development Center. they will intervene Giusy StanziolaStart Lab & Development Programs UniCredit, representatives of three Getting Started – Niccolò Calandri, CEO and co-founder of 3Bee (Como); Osvaldo de Falco, CEO and co-founder Biorfarm (Cosenza); Daniele Rossi, CEO and co-founder Tomato + (Brescia) – e Alessandro Iacomoni, general manager of Salumeria di Monte San Savino (Arezzo).

On Monday 28 a lunch to discover the pizzas of the award-winning house Syoufano Canosci, who from his “Chicco” in Colle Val d’Elsa lands in the city for Fuori di Taste, accompanied by the Capitoline star star Antonello Colonna, the excellent Agugiaro flour and Floressence, the new Gin made in Florence .

Pizza & Scarpettaa lunch that promises only good things, programmed in the “fuori di Taste” program at Student hotelat 12:30 p.m.

On stage, great emerging “musts” that will be talked about, such as Stefano Canosci, award-winning pizzaiolo, trained among the stars he will offer preview of the new range of “Scarpette” pizzas, pizzas seasoned with the most authentic sauces of the Italian tradition.

One of them is dedicated to Antonio Colonna, who will be present to “baptize” the Roman-style tripe and mint pizza, made by Canosci just in honor of his teacher. Thanks to the starred chef, Canosci he was able to get acquainted with a peasant cuisine but of high level, synthesis of luxury in simplicity, an original cuisine and difficult to classify that of Colonna, but loved by all.

For the occasion, other dishes will be served that make his little / big kingdom of Colle Val d’Elsa unique, such as the fried pizza with Scarola, Taggiasca olives and anchovy fillets from Sciacca and the impestata pizza, with parsley and garlic pesto. .

Alongside Stefano, there will also be on this occasion the raw material that has always accompanied him: flour Le 5 seasons of Agugiaro & Figna Molini. In this case the MIA flour, acronym for Authentic Integrated Grinding®, a range designed through the use of an innovative grinding process that combines skilful and calibrated cleaning of the grain with two types of grinding: traditional grinding with grindstone with

the modern one with cylinders. Integrated milling® combines the best of tradition and technology to obtain wholemeal or semi-wholemeal flours with a targeted and precise grain size, hygienically safer, with constant and stable performance in full respect of the native characteristics of the grain. . Flavors and aromas are intense, with a high degree of hygiene and wholesomeness not found in traditional processes. MIA releases the revolutionary flavor of flour, not only for the innovative method with which the grinding process is developed, but also and above all for the aromatic bouquet it contains. The References of the MIA range are MIA S, MIA M, MIA Xtype 1 soft wheat flours, with different protein content, MY GRType 2 flour from 100% Italian ancient grains, e MIA SIXwhole durum wheat semolina.

Dalla Leopolda will also invade the city Floressence, Gin della Regina (Caterina) born from an idea and a maniacal research work of raw materials and new recipes in collaboration with a signature of Excellence from bartender Italian, Oscar Quagliarini. Palmira Bertucabar manager Student hotel and will sign the cocktails accompanied by the pizzas of Canosci.

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