Abbate: “From Cacciano, only sterile retro thoughts away from concern for the health of citizens”

“Discomfort in the allocation of beds, lack of agreements/integration with regional and local hospital doctors, overcrowding in the Emergency Department, surgeries open occasionally every two weeks or even twenty days, around 40 rheumatologist patients on the waiting list for hospitalization but with waiting times of 3 months, interventions blocked for benign pathologies, an emergency service open at 50%, closed services still awaiting screening, a lack of staff and services in the agreement and finally a default drug supply at the exit. These are just some of the problems, a symptom of the poor management of the “San Pio” hospital in Benevento, raised by doctors and patients and pointed out by me. Statements which have found support and acceptance but which have roused even sleeping characters from their torpor”. This was stated by regional councilor Luigi Abbate.

“With Spring, indeed, the intelligence or at least the attention should awaken, especially of those who have the ambition to do politics and more of those who would like to play the role of a big party like the DP. The questions I asked concern the health of citizens, the right to be treated in the best possible way. The critical questions that I have raised concern the most fragile people, the elderly and the sick.

I would have expected, therefore, a different attention from the policy that should frame health care, but I find that it is the bad policy that raises the voice. Doctor De Longis, municipal councilor of the Democratic Party and doctor Lucio Lonardo, citizen secretary of Forza Italia, had grasped the problem and demanded answers from the management of the ‘San Pio’ to demonstrate that the right to health is inscribed in the Constitution and not by the service manager.

Those who attempt to pollute questions by fearing ulterior motives or hidden objectives demonstrate absolute ignorance of the health problems that have increased with Covid. In addition to being an insult to intellectual and material honesty towards those who would like answers to the problems posed.

The provincial secretary of the Democratic Party has little and mostly confused ideas on the matter and more than lashing out at those who raise doubts and uncertainties about territorial hospital health care, demanding answers regarding the critical questions raised.

Mr. Secretary, I know this is difficult for you but you have many collaborators who can help you clear your conscience and guide you in the right direction if you are someone else’s ventriloquist, shut up and step aside.

Finally, – he concludes – in compliance with the principle of transparency and in the constant protection of professionalism, I would like the Provincial Secretary of the PD, one of the world’s leading experts in retro-reflection, to clear up some doubts and questions which arose, above all, regarding his appointment as director, or aspirant, of Asea.

First of all, is the bachelor’s degree in philosophy that he obtained an essential and necessary condition for accessing this position?

The same reflection must be made for the role of manager of the Campolattaro dam.

It would be interesting to know if he was hired indefinitely at ASEA after entering an open competition, given the nature of a public company.

In order to dispel any doubt, it should be clarified whether, at the time of his “selection” and his subsequent employment with ASEA, the function of chairman of the board of directors of Asea was carried out by his maternal uncle.

Questions that deserve attention and answers in order to dispel any bad thoughts on the part of our fellow citizens who are the recipients of political action who might think, if they are not sufficiently informed, that there is an “esoteric or even philosophical” link between the various things stated above and lacking adequate feedback to date.

When the political action of the representatives of the people on major subjects such as health comes up against irony and “retro-thinking”, no one is authorized to hide under the rug elements which can be useful for the construction a judgment on the ethical profile. and personnel of the political actors who appear on the provincial scene by representing flags and symbols of parties which are still today in the government of the country”.

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