Absolute Swimming, Paltrinieri first in the world in the 19th century

Gregorio tames the Olympic silver specialty in 7’46”01 (first time trial of 2022) and beats former world champion Detti. In the 100 sl, the first time trial in the world also for the Turinese, second pass for the Roman in 1500

Greg around the world. The 800 blue selections of Budapest in progress in Riccione belong to the Olympic vice-champion and the reigning world champion. They are from Gregorio Paltrinieri in 7’46″01 exactly what the federal time limit demands, while Gabriele Detti is second in 7’48” and confidently continues the recovery operation after a complicated 2021. The Livorno starts in front until 200 (1’53″48), then it is the Olympian of 1500 who sets the pace of the race, passing 3’52″80, 5’49″17 and controlling the former training twin. For the student and nephew of Del Moro, the European pass harvested in the allotted time with Luca De Tullio (7’49″19) and Lorenzo Galossi (still a phenomenon with the junior record 7’49″76 ) is certain, we will see if there will be a bonus as deserved by a champion who was in Budapest 2017 the king of the world in the specialty also alternating in the European record with a Paltrinieri still able to impose his charisma and his technical caliber, able to go from victories in the bottom to domination in the tub in a flash.At the end of the evening, Greg’s time limit is discussed by the pool: but that should not be a coincidence because 7 ’46″01 – vs. 7’46″00, updated this year after 7’46″0 in the tenth, waited until they decided to reintroduce cents and not in all the races – it’s a great time trial, so much so that it’s the first in the world. “Am I not qualified for a penny? I’m really sorry, I’ll try to do a nice 1500…” Greg smiled.

Mixed Livorno

The 200 m medley is in 2’11”94 by Sara Franceschi who hits the allotted time of 2’10 beating Anna Pirovano and Ilaria Cusinato, en route to the resumption. A head race, like her, engaging the right gear in 33”62 and asking for the specialty as on the 400.

The 200 m medley is in 2’11”94 by Sara Franceschi who hits the allotted time of 2’10 beating Anna Pirovano and Ilaria Cusinato, en route to the resumption. A head race, like her, engaging the right gear in 33″62 and asking for the specialty as on the 400. only in the first Lorenzo Glessi was preferred, then second in 2’00”54.

What a sprint

The world cry is also launched by Alessandro Miressi in 100 sl who hangs the Briton Lewis Burras at the top of the 2022 ranking, the only one to have fallen below the 48” mark this season in the company of the Turin giant world champion in the short course. Mire passes in a fabulous 22″84 and touches in 47″88, not far from his 47″45. “I wanted to do time, never swam at this level in the spring, it’s a lot of stuff” confided the student de Satta who has really wide margins. “If I leave like that…” confirms the Lungagnone. The second is Lorenzo Zazzeri in 48”45, the third Manuel Frigo, the other Olympic silver medalist in the relay in 48”50.

Simona Quadarella also hits the second world pass in the 1500 of which she is world champion in caria: her 15’59″32 is below the 16 minutes required by the federation to stamp the ticket after that in the 800. -watch of the Romaine coached by Christian Minotti is the fourth world champion of the season after that of Katie Ledecky in 15’39″45 (USA), 15’58″43 by the Chinese Li Bingjie (15’58″43) and 15’59″15 by the Russian Anstasia Kirpitchnikova, who will not be able to compete given the ban on the Russian flag. A start in 4’11”, and a passage to 800 for Olympic bronze in 8’28″55 .

Company registration

In the women’s mixed 4×100 the Fiamme Gialle improved the Italian club record of Aniene 2015 in 3’59″85 (4’01″64) with this quartet Scalia 1’00″29, Castiglioni 1’05″23, Biasibetti 59″ 24, Tarantino 55″ 09. Among the men, Aniene won in 3’36″08 with Bietti 55″61, Martinenghi 58″23, Faraci 53″59, Deplano 48″65.

I am a golden retriever, “the blonde” Lea, and a Newfoundland, “the dark” Gastone, the living mascots of the European championships in Rome in August. The choice of the aquatic world, which expressed 43,064 preferences between facebook and the official site, resulted in an extraordinary ex aequo which rewards two complementary dogs for breed, sex, appearance and colors. Presenting them today before the final were Massi Rosolino (former historic blue dog) and Filippo Magnini, Italian champions of 60 and 54 international medals. Filo will then reward Miressi. “The decision to propose a live mascot stems from the desire to spread the very important role of lifeguards and the swimming section for the rescue of Federnuoto, further fueling the curiosity and interest of children and therefore families,” said President Paolo Barelli. There is a curious precedent in swimming around dogs: in the 1990s, industrialist Maurizio Mian and his German shepherd caused a stir. The dog Gunther, after inheriting a fortune from a German noblewoman, became president of Livorno Nuoto at the time trained by Stefano Morini. Later he also became Honorary President of Pisa Football (2002). A real dynasty with Gunther fourth, son of Gunther third, who continued his tenure in the world of sport.


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