additional 1.5 million for intermediate care in Sile district

Total investment of 3.68 million for the new works envisaged by the PNR

Pordenone, April 13 – The Region will invest an additional 1.5 million euros in addition to the 2.15 million already allocated to the district of Sile, which will allow the completion of the intermediate care program in this area of ​​the Pordenone region. The funds will be used for the construction of the community hospital and the hub community house, buildings that will be built next to the Monsignor Cadore retirement home. The procurement procedures will be launched by September 2022, while the completion of the works is expected to take place within 18 months and therefore by mid-2024.

This is what emerged today during the meeting between the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the deputy governor in charge of Health and the mayors of the district of Sile, in the presence of the general manager of Asfo. In particular, the different stages were illustrated on the basis of which the Region decided, within the framework of the programming linked to the PNR, to build a pivotal community house and a community hospital with 25 beds in this area of ​​​​the Pordenone region. The new building of this last structure will host a total of 12 double rooms with their own bathroom and a single room on the mezzanine, also with private bathroom. The additional space made available to the community hospital will be spread over two floors.

The community house, on the other hand, is structured in two buildings; in the first, in the basement, there will be space for all the functions of the district headquarters, with 3 clinics equipped with archives and drug storage, 4 offices, 2 interrogation rooms, 2 rooms for ADI and 2 medical offices, common services and reception area. The second will house spaces dedicated to common services with the Community Hospital, a large space for the refectory and the lounge on the mezzanine, as well as the rehabilitation physiotherapy gymnasium in the basement.

To achieve all this, to the 2.15 million euros of funds already made available by the Region and the UTI for the expansion of the district, another 1.5 million will be added from new regional resources to allow the construction of the Community Hospital and the community house. . To all this will be added an additional 30,000 euros for the purchase of certain equipment, thus reaching a total figure of 3.68 million euros.

The Region highlighted how interventions that provide for the construction of community homes and community hospitals represent a way to improve the efficiency of the regional health system, relieving hospitals of abusive admissions and thus improving their functioning. In this sense, there is another important intervention in the field of territorial care that is given by telemedicine, which allows on the one hand to provide a health response in marginal areas and, on the other hand, to have control constant health especially of the elderly, allowing timely interventions when needed.

Furthermore, it was recalled that, under the previous legislature, 212 million euros had been allocated to health from budgetary funds whereas, in this mandate, the resources intended for the sector amounted to a total of 750 million. Of the latter, 118 million come from PNRR funds, 220 from State posts following a few renegotiations and finally 411 from regional budget funds, thus demonstrating the strong choice made by the Administration for the health sector.

Finally, the problem related to the need to find the personnel who will have to operate within these new structures was highlighted; the theme – as has been mentioned – is part of a much broader context and national in scope due to certain bottlenecks that make it difficult to create a sufficient number of these professionals. ARC / AL / my

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