Food scraps from school canteens sorted to animals housed by the municipal kennel, Bono (M5S): “A profitable morning”

“As scheduled, this morning, at 10 a.m., at the municipal kennel located in Strada Congiunte Destre, as delegate for policies of ‘Protection and Welfare of Animals’, I took part in the initiative of the municipal administration , addressed to students of the school complexes of Chiesuola, B.go Piave, B, go Carso and B.go Montello, aimed at showing them how the residual food from the school canteens is sorted to the host animals of the structure. will be repeated in the coming days of May 20, 23 and 25”. This was stated in a memo from the Latina City Councilman Gianluca Bono of the Five Star Movement.

“Today the students of the local Chiesuola kindergarten were present, accompanied by the dean and the vice-dean, who were also able to interact with some dogs thanks to the professionalism, passion, love and the infinite availability of volunteers from the “Amici del Cane” Association that manages the structure. As expected, the councilors Laura Pazienti (Education) and Adriana Cali (Environment – at altitude M5S) were present accompanied by Dr. Rosangela Cortesano (responsible for nursery school) and Dr Carla Cerroni (responsible for the school canteen).
An initiative of high educational value, positively received both by the young students who were enthusiastic about the pleasant trip, and by the municipal councilors present who were able to inspect the kennel and listen to the requests of the President of the Association Dr. Rosaria Alesini , the impressions of the various volunteers as well as the interesting observations of the Zoophile guardians Tania and Maria”.

“A fruitful morning in which I had the opportunity to investigate, together with Commissioner Calì, some aspects related to the possible establishment of municipal kennel services such as, for example, the possible recovery of areas adjacent to the current structure, which had been in a state of abandonment, to be attributed to animal therapy, but not only, without forgetting the development of the institutional site of the municipality in order to provide, on the “useful services” page to citizens, the greatest number of information concerning the adoption, assistance or rescue of animals in difficulty.The same can be said for the page dedicated to the municipal kennel, in the “AZ Index” page which, for the moment, simply does reference to the blog-spot of the association Amici del Cane. In principle, citizens do not know what to do or who to call in case of need. In this, the information contained in the institutional site of the municipality can do a lot to reduce the late time nce and the uncertainties of those who seek references or precise and up-to-date information therein”.

“A cross-cutting issue, that of animal welfare and protection, which can only be tackled in a spirit of effective collaboration between all the political groups present in the Council. It is for this reason that I particularly appreciated the interest taken by Councilor Alessio Pagliari (President of the Health Commission) in the question concerning the involvement of the local health authority (ASL) in the campaigns for vaccination and sterilization. Thus, in the near future, after evaluating the availability of the director Roberta Dellapietà (president of the environment committee) to convene a joint commission, there will be the possibility of convening the leaders of the ASL to examine the state of affairs also in the light of the various reports already sent to the said Society by Councilor Calì”.

“The same can be said of the constructive confrontation with the director Andrea Chiarato (president of the Transparency Committee) who, like me, shares a deep passion for dogs and to whom I have given my greatest availability for any initiative to promote the aspects that may also concern the welfare of hunting dogs which, as we know, due to their particularities, require particular clearance areas which, perhaps, could be created and managed by specific associations at no cost to the administration2.

“I conclude with a very special thanks to ICS (I hope I spelled his name correctly), a splendid example of a Czechoslovakian wolf who lent himself to a selfie with me who are much less photogenic than him”.

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