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According to a WWF survey, sustainable food can be able to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. An environmentally friendly diet helps to preserve the environment and, at the same time, is good for your health.

Indicate viable ways to decline food choices towards food Continued sustainable even the advice of the starred chef Antonia Klugmann; the great expert in the kitchen, in fact, lent herself to providing suggestions and receipts respectful of nature.

The importance of a more sustainable diet would bring multiple benefits; in addition to benefiting bodytheenvironment. Sustainable food, in fact, could reduce up to 70% less emissions CO2 in the air.

The benefits of sustainable food

To highlight the importance of sustainable food, an analysis conducted by WWF who is relaunching the campaign Food4Future to not “eat” the planet. As he explains To managethe World Organization, which for the occasion inaugurated the Cooperation with the starred chef Antonia Klugmannreportedly found that eating more environmentally friendly food could reduce emissions by up to 70% greenhouse gas and the use of ground and up to 50% consumption of the water.

This initiative stems from the awareness of what responsible choices And sustainable are fundamental to our future and that of the planet. It is important to keep in mind that today they are doing more and more companies and in various fields, how essential it is to adopt sustainable choices also in the lives of everyday. In this sense, sustainable food represents a fundamental starting point for living more responsibly; manufacturing benefits not only for the body, but also for the environment.

The project with the starred chef

As he writes To managethe starred chef Antonia Klugmann from her collaboration with the WWF, will share, on her social networks, advice And receipts create sustainable menus; advice focused on product attention Locals, seasonal And biological. As the chef says:Every choice a cook makes in their kitchen, whether professional or domestic, is tied to the environment. The sensitization the very strong and unequivocal interconnection that exists between our choices and the future of the planet must constantly push us to study and improve our food practices“.

It has now been proven that by 2050, by focusing one’s diet on more sustainable, therefore local, organic and less animal-based food, several million square kilometers of land could be freed up and therefore CO2 emissions could be reduced. at the World level. “A drastic reduction in meat consumption and a substantial increase in the consumption of plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes are essential – write again To managereporting the statements of the responsible for sustainable development of WWF Italy, Eva AlessiThe personal behaviors of individuals have enormous power to mitigate environmental damage and promote more sustainable processes that they protect environment And health“.

Organic food

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