Aid to the Ukrainian people, former general warehouses, new center for the collection of food and medicine

Curno (Bergamo) – The seat of the new center managed by the Zlaghoda association for the collection of material intended for Ukrainian population. The space at the shed Courno, made available immediately after the start of the conflict by Sei Laser spa, it has now become too small to accommodate tons of food and other goods that the people of Bergamo and members of the Ukrainian community residing in the province of Orobic make donations to Ukrainian families who have not abandoned their country and who need everything to survive. From today, therefore, the 1,200 square meters of former general warehouses via Rovelli, the complex that years ago was the beating heart of a continuous hustle and bustle of goods, right next to the old customs house, and which, more recently, had become the headquarters of the Banca Popolare di Bergamo. Today, the premises belong to Intesa San Paolo, which inherited them from Ubi Banca.

The bank gave the space on the ground floor free of charge to the Ukrainian association Zlaghoda. The agreement is for one year, with an option for an additional 12 months. At least now these spaces, for which there are no redevelopment projects on the horizon, will be useful in an emergency, even if they are in a state of abandonment and decadence. “It does not matter – explain the volunteers of the Zlaghoda association -. They are not beautiful to look at, but they are useful. There is a large place where you can stop safely to unload and above all enough space for maneuvering and parking trucks”.

The new collection center was to be inaugurated last week but, once the gate opened, we realized that the premises had to be secured. But now everything is ready for the inauguration of today. “Until now – underline the volunteers of the Zlaghoda association – we have sent to Ukraine 37 trucks and a dozen vans. Each truck can hold up to 45 pallets for a total weight of between 10 and 12 tonnes. The times for granting assistance are as follows: every day, except Monday, from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., in the morning by appointment only. Our forecast is to ship two to three trucks a week to Ukraine. “90% vehicles have a Ukrainian license plate and, also thanks to an agreement with the consulate, the trucks enter Ukraine directly, via a green corridor. The drivers unload the material in a hub, from where it is then transferred to the various cities, arriving at its destination in a few days. Today the emergency is especially in the east of the country and in the south and everything is needed: food, medicine, baby products and hygiene products. The new center of the former Magazzini Generali will be managed by about fifty volunteers who will take turns during the week.

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