Alba, soon the works to double the gym in via Dalla Chiesa –

“Sport is a team, and the team must all be done together: Municipality, associations, athletes. My goal is to do good for the sport of our territory”. These words are the “credo” of Daniele Sobrero, General Director of Sport of the Municipality of Alba, with which we took stock of the practice of sport in the city. After having dealt with the question from the point of view of the facilities (read the article), we are now interested in the state of health of the sport and the way in which the Municipality collaborates with the various sports associations which, at all levels, from amateurs to pros, enliven the capital of the Langhe.

The city of Alba has 72 “sporty girls” – begins Daniele Sobrero – which are the fruit of the passion of the inhabitants of Alba for the different forms of expression of sport. An expression that, after two years of the pandemic, becomes strong, passionate again, and never before have the physical and mental values ​​of sport been so important as now.

During this term I have been able to visit almost all the sports associations in Alba with which I have found the right synergy to make them grow in solving the problems that may exist, starting from their good location to be able to practice the sport they offer.

For example, I am happy to have completed, after eight and a half months, the union under one roof of the two associations of Judo (the first was in a room of the Commune and the other in a private structure). Although they are members of two different federations, they can at least now collaborate in the same place.

The associations of the fencingIn addition to sports activity, he also creates historical costumes and teaches actors how to use handguns during movie shooting scenes. They were located in three different gyms, and now they are all in Macrino, and for them it is a big organizational leap.

For the Table tennisafter the association had to leave the headquarters in Moretta where the Covid19 canteen was built, we found an even better solution by giving a shared space with the badminton.
Even the outdoor facilities are still well used, such as the beach volleyball and basketball courts in Sobrino Park, not forgetting the ice rink, improved thanks to the advice of those who practice it.

All this bodes well for all sports associations because collaboration and synergy are necessary. And the works will begin shortly to double the sports hall near the Tanaro, another way of increasing the space for the different realities of Alba”.

And the associations also respond on the ground, with significant results: “In various sports – continues the sports adviser – satisfactions are not lacking. For example the San Cassian tennis participates in the 2022 Serie C men’s championships (next match on Sunday April 22). the the titans gym cheerleaders they have won all eight Italian titles and will compete in the world championships. Davide Regina he is Italian and European kickboxing champion and European champion. Ezio Bossati champion over 50 years in badminton, Matteo Sobrero in cycling it is developing very well and satisfaction is not lacking. A round of applause also to the seven athletes who, two weeks ago, achieved a men’s podium and a women’s podium during the “Race of the stairs” in Beautiful sunone of the towns twinned with Alba”.

And we look to the future, between desires and reality: “For the future – concludes Daniele Sobrero – we want to bring events with great appeal to Alba. European breath for Alba Rally, which has become a national team, which will share the days of competition with an Italian stage (two in all) of the Swiss championship. Work continues for the Giro d’Italia and, for 2024, we are on track to bring the Tour de Francewhich would arrive in Italy for the first time in its history.

And then my dream and that of many people in Alba is to have a multipurpose sports hall, where you can do sports, organize conferences and listen to concerts. We are working on it and there will be surprises shortly, thanks to the synergy with important local authorities”.

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