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4 days after the Prato blitz (sixth consecutive away victory), and with 9 days still to go to the archives, Ravenna returns to the pitch this afternoon to face Alcione Milano. The meeting is at 3 p.m. at the ‘Benelli’ stadium (referee Restaldo di Ivrea; live streaming on facebook for €2.29). There are 11 days left for the direct clash against Rimini. The Giallorossi – today 5 points behind the leaders, in turn engaged in an away match against Aglianese – will arrive after today’s match, and after next Sunday’s derby in Forlì.

Mr. Dossena didn’t turn around too much: “We’ll have to get there with 2 wins, otherwise Rimini can come to ‘Benelli’ with the Juniores team. That’s why we have to stay focused on today’s game’ today against Alcione It makes sense that with our points we would be in 1st place in any other Serie D group. Instead we found a “lady” team that is ahead of us and to whom we have to congratulate. Rimini traveling so fast is a boost for us. they are struggling as much as possible”.

Compared to Prato, the Giallorossi coach loses Antonini Lui on disqualification (Nagy ready to go), but finds Spinosa. Ercolani had a slight relapse, while Calì entered a warning regimen. Ko also remains Crocchianti.

At Alcione – 14th in the standings at +5 from the playing surface, but back from 3 draws and a defeat – the package is that of Piccinocchi, disqualified, while the former Manuzzi could start on the bench. Ravenna is loaded and with high self-esteem, but we must not forget that in Prato, despite the 4-1 final, the hosts hit 3 wood, and forced Botti to 4 particularly demanding interventions. Precisely for this reason, Mr. Dossena does not trust: “Alcione? It’s a team that likes to play the ball on the ground, we saw that in the first leg. They have dynamism, they are young, they want to run. ranking, obviously they concede something. We will have to limit their bets as much as possible, oppose great intensity, also put clarity and lack of scruples ”.

Giallorossi’s coach recalled the first leg. On this occasion, Ravenna, despite a decent match, left the field with the third and last knockout of the season (2-1). From that moment the “new course” began, consisting of 4 draws (Rimini, Carpi, Progresso, Aglianese) and all victories.

Even bookmakers grant Ravenna the favor of predictions. Favor of the forecasts which, moreover, are very clear. The best odds for Giallorossi’s success is just 1.32. Already the draw rises to 5, while the victory away from the Milanese even reaches 7:30.

The probable formation of Ravenna (4-3-3): Botti; Grazioli, Nagy, Polvani, D’Orsi; Spinosa, Prati, Cali; Saporetti, Guidone, Podestà.

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