Alessia Orro still victim of the stalker: 55-year-old arrest

The investigations in Monza after the denunciation of the blue smuggler, the car identified by the surveillance cameras, the man stopped in front of the building. The smuggler: “Don’t be afraid, violence should not be underestimated”

Again persecuted by the man who had once followed and threatened her, again forced to denounce him until his arrest last week. Vero Volley and national team setter Alessia Orro relived the nightmare she lived through years ago, until the 2019 arrest of a stalker who was later sentenced to house arrest. Now the man – Angelo Persico, a Novara professional – has been arrested for harassment. The news was given by the command of the carabinieri of Monza, explaining that they had arrested the 50-year-old “in flagrante delicto for acts of persecution”.

In the viewfinder

The investigations had been launched after Alessia Orro – setter for Vero Volleyball and the national team – reported that she had found herself again in the sights of the man already arrested three years ago. Same procedure: messages on social networks, harassment during competitions and training. On Wednesday, the car was intercepted by surveillance cameras in Villasanta and then traced to the building in Monza. “I would like to set an example not only inside the pitch, but also and above all outside, to help all the people who have or are going through this difficult moment as it has happened to me in the past and in this last period – Orro wrote in a long-running social media post – Boys and girls are not afraid to report, violence in any form should not be underestimated. , because I personally know very well how difficult it can be, especially when you realize that the past can come back. The smuggler thanked the Carabinieri “who protected me on this trip”, her club “supported me and helped me face this bad episode, protecting me in all situations”. And he admits: “It was painful to reopen an old wound, but I’m extremely happy that it’s all over for now. Thank you for always supporting me.” Even Vero Volley thanked the Carabinieri and stressed “we are proud of Alessia, who has once again demonstrated her personality and all her value also as a person by denouncing the situation and quickly entrusting herself to the Carabinieri for her protection. and the solution of the case. . We are convinced that his example will teach everyone and will be followed by many people who, unfortunately, still feel threatened or suffer violence of all kinds”.


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