All available for training today. Meanwhile, the presale for Reggio is flying

the Lecce he trained again today in preparation for next Monday’s game against Reggina by Roberto Stellone.

The Giallorossi team took the field with all the staff at the disposal of coach Baroni.

Here is the note from the club:

“The team’s preparation continued this morning with a training session at the Acaya Golf Resort & SPA. Coach Marco Baroni was able to count on all the available squad. It should be noted that the presale of the guest sector for the Reggio Calabria trip reached 630 tickets sold. Another morning training is scheduled for tomorrow at Via del Mare”.


According to what reports, in fact the presale of the Easter Monday challenge is going well but only for Salento. The Calabrian supporters have indeed bought a little more than 50 ticketsto which, however, the approx 1500 subscribers of mini-subscriptions that it is not said, in any case, that they are going to the stadium.

Therefore, a massive turnout from Lecce fans is expected, despite the holiday. They will probably all end 1000 coupons available for the guest sector, with Lecce who, for a change, will play at home.


Meanwhile, vice-president Alessandro Adamo spoke to Lecce Channel yesterday and talked about the end of this championship and the next game at Reggina’s home:

WANT TO WIN – “By the end, the mental and physical aspects will be important. We have all recovered, we have a huge desire to do well in every game. All the teams have more or less the same chance of being able to do it, except Frosinone Everything will be decided in the last minutes of the last match. Then we will see if luck, but also skill, will smile on us”.

MONDAY – “You have to be calm and think about Monday’s game which will be difficult. The game against Reggina will be a game like any other against a team that has nothing to ask for, but there are no easy games. We will do everything to be superior. The Reggio field has always been particularly difficult. You have to give the maximum to win. The classification? It’s a beautiful championship, very balanced, exciting and beautiful. There are more teams with little points and it’s always been like that”.

SPRING – “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Grieco’s Primavera 1 team for their victory over Fiorentina. For the rest, I say that there is a deep crisis in Italian football, but for several years. Not only in the national football team A crisis which it then spills over into the clubs. A serious and deep crisis and there are many reasons, it would take a whole program to delve into this subject”.

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