Alvini: “Perugia, I stayed to win” – Sport

by Francesca Mencacci

Massimiliano Alvini remains to complete the work. The technician, freshly renewed until 2024, is talked about on Tef Channel, at Grifo Stadium. Projects, ambitions, dreams, family and great passion for the Palio di Fucecchio. But above all, he repeatedly underlined the great feeling with President Santopadre, Sporting Director Giannitti and General Manager Comotto. “A team, I trust this triad”. The Tuscan coach for his first season in red and white has laid an excellent foundation to build something more ambitious from next year. “The praise is beautiful but let’s be clear, we haven’t done anything yet,” he begins. “Sitting on the Curi bench is gratifying – but in Perugia I haven’t won anything yet and everywhere I’ve gone or done it or started an important project. And here I want to win.” And he also makes a large passage on the most important ambition. “I want to win the league and go to Serie A”.

Even if the present may still have something to say. “The games are still open. We have to get to fifty-nine points to play the playoffs. We have to think one game at a time. If we win on Monday at Menti, we can play a dream against Parma. Then there is he will be the derby, one of the biggest challenges. Fascinating Italy, in which we want to maintain the historical supremacy of Perugia. To arrive above the Ternana would be important given the initial objectives of the two teams. a very difficult B with teams that have invested enormous capital. We had a good year. and those who say the opposite do not understand football. We lack points at home. The draw with Spal is the moment that made me feel the most bitterness.”

Then we will have to plan the future, in the last game, in the second half, Alvini opted for 4-2-3-1.

“I like this lean business management. The president is someone who always wants the result and for me he is important. He is also a pleasant person to be around. Giannitti is fundamental, Comotto completes a triad in which I have confidence. I am definitely not a business leader. , I have my ideas, my requests and we meet again. With this club you can build a Perugia without crazy expenses but positive and with ideas. The module? I’m not anchored to a single game system, you can evaluate several solutions”.

And then the great passion for the Palio di Fucecchio second palio of Italy after that of Siena, the horses are ridden bareback. The neighborhood is Ferruzza “a sore spot because we haven’t won the prize since 1981”. But there is also a passion for dogs, for Inter and above all a love of family. “I have two twins, Cosimo and Umberto, they are nine years old, one is Interista and the other is a Juventus player and Amalia, 14, who does not follow football, does not see his father and therefore suffers. ” And then his wife “to whom I must make a monument”.

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