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Olympian Fontana: “For us, it is important to rely on the best products”. Agreement extended to Milan-Cortina

Elisabetta Esposito

Good nutrition is also the basis of great sporting triumphs. The president of Coni, Giovanni Malag√≤, is convinced of this and presented the renewed partnership with Herbalife24, the range of supplements that will accompany the Azzurri until 2026: “I remember when, a few years ago, we tackled the issue supplements to choose as a partner. The president of the Italian Federation of Sports Doctors, Maurizio Casasco, told me that they test and verify the products and that the knowledge of the sports doctors is the element that closes this circle.”


The testimonials of the initiative are the Olympic champions Arianna Fontana and Arianna Errigo. “Since the Turin Games until today, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge – said the short track Olympian -. I have always remained the same, with the same passion and the desire to never to be satisfied. I always want to improve. And that will also be the goal for the next Olympic Games in Milan-Cortina 2026. I think I can still have my say.” And on supplements: “For us athletes, relying on the best products is important, with Herbalife I feel better and I am serene in terms of food supplementation”.


Professor Casasco added: “Nutrition has two main objectives: satisfying energy needs and supporting cell renewal and growth. This already makes us understand how energy needs increase compared to sport and, above all, how much it It is important for an athlete to adapt the nutritional regime, in terms of macro and micronutrient composition, according to the competitive commitment and the type of sport practiced and the different metabolic aspects linked to it, as well as than other anthropometric parameters – must be carefully studied and personalized according to the specific sports activity practiced.To maximize sports performance, but also to optimize recovery times, it is essential for all athletes to follow a program of adequate training, associated with a correct diet and supported by a manager the use of the integrated alimenta sporting quality”. “For more than 40 years, Herbalife Nutrition’s mission has been to help people lead healthy and active lives. Having the opportunity to continue on this path with Coni in support of all Italian athletes is a source of great pride for us.”, concluded Rebecca Varoli Piazza, Country Director of Herbalife Nutrition Italy.

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