An application and food in Oristano are no longer thrown away

No more food waste with Too good to go: you buy unsold items directly from your phone and with great discounts

ORISTANO. Too Good To Go, the anti-waste food app, has also come to town. The operation is as follows: merchants enter the availability of the boxes, without specifying what type of products will be present inside, depending on the unsold items of the day. On the other hand, users, by accessing the application from their smartphone and by geolocating to identify the nearest participating restaurants, go to the store and buy their bag of unsold items at a third of the original price by paying directly via the application and thus avoiding the exchange of cash.

Many companies have already joined the initiative, such as Fromentu bakery, L’Operà di Simone pastry shop, Ortufrutta greengrocer, Genesi pizzeria and Temptation pastry shop café. Even some chains such as NaturaSì, Eurodrink, Leader Price, Spazio Conad, Campagna Amica Oristano, Crai, have decided to extend their adherence to the anti-waste project by involving their stores in the city.The most satisfied are the consumers, who can buy good products at a much lower price. Among them are those who even organize themselves to try to do all the shopping by spending a third of what it would otherwise cost them.

To put it bluntly, some of the merchants are participating in the initiative. “Someone even tries to follow up, asking for example to add products or even to choose the contents of the boxes. Requests that we obviously cannot satisfy. Moreover, it is not the rule of the initiative”, explains Simone Spanu, owner of the pastry shop “L’Operà di Simone”. “Fortunately – adds the pastry chef – we have very few unsold items left. We used to donate it to charity or give it away. We have now joined this platform, but the gain is very small”. Even Michele Porcedda, pastry chef-baker, owner of “Fromentu”, has some doubts. “Those who buy this way can rarely afford the full price. Most, at least I have seen, go in search of the exercises that make the boxes available. Too bad they rarely come back to buy at full price”. Serafino Mura, Market Director Campagna Amica Oristano, is perhaps the most optimistic: “Yes, of course, for customers it’s a great opportunity to save. For farmers, I believe the real test will be in the summer, when truly unsold fruit and vegetables are at high risk of spoilage, therefore unsaleable after 24 hours – he says – with some precautions they could even improve . An expedient in the sense of guaranteeing a greater profit margin to producers. In any case, it’s always better than throwing it away”.

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