Ancelotti is anything but normal

He lost it, overwhelmed it, on 0-3 he even touched personal humiliation at the Bernabeu. Over an hour of submission and widespread embarrassment, Ancelotti decided it was time for a change, and a drastic change. Apart from the irreplaceable Krooswho didn’t take it well, so Mendyfinally the other very titular Casemiro. modric he immediately rewarded his courage with a Louvre winger who allowed a Rodrygo to reopen the game and change the course of history: after the richest in the world, Real of and with Benzemagic he took out the champions of Europe.

Presenting the game, Corriere della Sera pointed out “the normality of Ancelotti in the cup of many gurus“. What he wanted and had to be a compliment – Carlo’s wisdom was extolled in the article – I regard it for all intents and purposes as an error of judgement, as well as one of the many clichés in football, which can be easily dismantled.Coaches call them “tags”, hate them. Ancelotti is anything but normal. The coach who is about to set an unprecedented record, the victory of the national title in the five major European championships (Premier, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1) and who has lifted the Champions League three times and the Intercontinental for two, it must be considered very special, other than normal.

Ancelotti is hard to defeat for skill, concepts and knowledge, team management, characters and presidents (with the exception of de Laurentiis, with whom he has maintained a good relationship). Ancelotti is universal football and always in his time, a measured professional in the world of ball shooters: in short, he does not talk bullshit, he does not complicate a sport in which the qualities of the performers, the relationships and the episodes are decisive, he respects the characteristics of his players and studies those of his opponents.

He constantly updates himself, spends hours preparing each phase of the game, and escapes, anticipates, corners, softens a few too many corners. He’s in the pains of hell, like last night. Ancelotti is special because forty years of football and several million in the current account have not changed him one iota: he is still simple and respectable and has not lost its practicality. Far from there. A few years ago, fearing to stay away, he accepted – displacing everyone, even Sacchi – Napoli’s proposal, got back into the game, made Liverpool suffer in the Champions League, but for having always followed his own principles, he was overwhelmed by dealings with a few major players and the president. A few days after the exemption, he found a bank in Everton.

With him the Blues, condemned to a market blocked by UEFA sanctions, they derived great satisfaction from it, with him Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin obtained important numbers; lost Ancelotti Everton collapsed. Ancelotti was also special when, four days after the no di Joyful for Florentino Perez (on May 27 he preferred to return to Juve), he said “I’ll be backFor José Angel and the director of Real took him at his word. By doing good for the club. Ancelotti it’s special because I haven’t yet known a former player of his or a colleague who says bad things about him and doesn’t highlight his frankness, his accuracy. And it’s special because before the first leg Stamford Bridge he replied to a message like this: “We win for sure, not even a doubt“. Three against one for Real.

Ancelotti is special because he is light but also deep, ironic and self-deprecating: after Real’s victory in Vigo with his son on the bench – he was locked up at home with unpleasant covid company, he wrote to a journalist friend: “Davide has more ass than his father“. Because of his son, they sent him away from Bayern and Napoli: that too, I heard repeated many times. And Carlo naturally took him to Everton as much as to Madrid, giving him even more responsibilities and autonomy.Anyone who starts from the earth, goes up to the moon and is able to return to the earth to reach the moon again cannot be called normal.

The problem – for the scribes, not for him – is another: Carlo will not be remembered in the register of the great Italic carriages for historical jokes, like Paròn Rocco; for ruthless lashes, like Gipo Viani; for the excesses of habla habla, like the magician Herrera; for Korea, like Mondino Fabbri; for dialectical refinements, like Doctor Bernardini; for a chinamartini, like the philosopher Scopigno; for latinorum, like the Vecio Bearzot; for challenging Rivera, like the Colbacco Giagnoni. Devoid of nicknames, he will be remembered for the victories and for one ringtone anomaly.

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