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MATELICA (4-3-3): Avella; Noce (23′ st Tofanari), Bianconi (23′ st Masetti), Iotti, Maurizii; Iannoni, Papa (23’st Gasperi), Delcarro; Rolfini, Faggioli, D’Eramo (23’st Sereni). Available Vitali, Sabattini, Vrioni, Ruani, Pecci. Colavitto herds

TERAMO (3-4-3): Peruccini; Codromaz, Soprano (1st Iacoponi), Pinto; Lombardo (1′ st Mordini), Arrigoni, Fiorani (32′ st Cisco), Hadziosmanovic (32′ st Rossetti); Rosso (1st Malotti), Bernadotto, D’Andrea. Available Agostino, Ndrecka, Viero, De Grazia, Papaserio, Forgione, Montaperto. Guidi herds

Referee: Canci di Carrara

Goals: 11′ Faggioli, 21′ Bernardotto, 26′ Rolfini (rig.)

Notes – Reserved: Hadziosmanovic, Pope, Faggioli, Delcarro, Iannoni; spectators: 2,293 including 231 guests for a collection of 9,327 euros; times: 2′ pt + 5′ st

by Giuseppe Poli

Bella di notte to Del Conero, the Ancona of new boss Tony Tiong (announcement after the match, editor’s note) returns to resonate Aida by beating Teramo with a strong and painful performance. Sixth place found thanks to Gubbio with Modena and now a few days off, then heading to the Pesaro derby and the playoffs. A first time that falls asleep in torpor for about ten minutes then becomes exciting. Ancona almost always plays in attack but Teramo knows how to make himself dangerous even if he shows that he suffers from the reminders of the red and white attackers. At the first bell, Ancona scores: Papa does not throw Rolfini offside, holds the ball then opens on the right, Noce di prima puts a golden ball in the area, Soprano intervenes badly who puts the ball at Faggioli’s feet that he scores his 13th personal goal in a gap a few steps away. Teramo’s reaction is ready and after about ten minutes finds the provisional equalizer with a strike from the entry surface of Bernardotto which surprises Avella on his post. Ancona does not give up. The new advantage is thanks to Iannoni who gets rid of two opponents and goes deep, crosses well in the middle of the surface where Faggioli is knocked down by Pinto, the referee does not hesitate to whistle the penalty, from eleven meters Rolfini achieves the 17th personal center putting the ball at the edge of the post. Ancona could treble soon after: Rolfini launches Faggioli very well who is knocked down by Hadziosmanovic, a clean foul from the last man but not such a clean scoring opportunity, given that the player was ten meters beyond the half of the field, for the referee it is only yellow. In the second half, Ancona starts strong and in two minutes collects three good chances, then Teramo grows with the new additions, but the referee Canci is again the protagonist who refuses a penalty that seemed clear on a nice idea from D’Eramo. After about twenty minutes Colavitto makes the changes to restore freshness to a team in difficulty, Teramo puts the Dorians on the ropes and Ancona closes in pain. In the yellow final to Iannoni: warned, he will miss the Pesaro derby. After the match, the official announcement of the closure between Tony Tiong and Mauro Canil.

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