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Andrea and her collaborators are still locked up in a shelter with 435 animals. La Farnesina announces that the shipment of food is linked to the suspension of the fighting

Sabrina Cau

An increasingly dramatic war between Russia and Ukraine. We continually see dramatic images of men, women and children wandering the streets of cities ravaged by conflict. Some of them carry their puppies in their arms to protect them from the bombardments. The animals locked up in the Kj2 shelter, in a village near kyiv, were foundlings even before the war because they never had a family. The one who has always helped them and does not abandon them is Andrea Cisternino, a native of Ponte Lambro, who has lived in Ukraine for many years and together with his collaborators takes care and protects the shelter where 453 animals of all species are cared for and raised.

“This morning the sky around the Refuge was red, continuous artillery fire even during the night, we can’t sleep. 15 minutes ago I saw an artillery shell fall far from the Refuge, but I smelled very well the smell of gunpowder, I heard in the distance military columns moving, planes passing, may God help and curse those who wanted to start all this, ”wrote Andrea in a post on her facebook page the first days after the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

At the start of the conflict, Andrea was able to provide food and water for everyone, but for about two days, due to a deployment of Russian troops near the shelter, supplies stopped arriving. . The animals, as well as the volunteers, suffer from hunger and thirst. After the desperate appeals, the request for help was accepted by the Ukrainian government to launch the emergency mission. The news was announced by journalist Claudio Locatelli who follows the war in Ukraine on the ground. Unfortunately, the Farnesina let it be known that “The possibility of bringing food to the region is linked to a suspension of the fighting by the belligerents”.

Photo facebook page Andrea Cisternino

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