Andrea Costa halved: the derby starts uphill

by Luca Monduzzi

If the week before the match against Teramo he had not spared Andrea Costa with several players affected by the flu, things did not improve at all on the eve of the derby with Faenza, scheduled for this afternoon at PalaCattani (duo at 6 p.m., Grappasonno referees and Settepanella). Indeed, they have gone much worse, also hurting the coaches so much that head coach Federico Grandi (photo Isolapress), as I write, seems like the only one who can be present on the sidelines to lead his boys.

Even if he too is not at his best. “Unfortunately we have lived another very complicated week because of these forms of flu that have massacred us again – explains the coach -; suffice to say that on Wednesday and Thursday there were three of us training without us coaches and the Friday I forced a little to try to From Friday, therefore, we were able to do real training thanks to the presence of some guys from Grifo whom I thank in the figure of Giorgio Tampieri who understood our urgency and came to our meeting with some players who allowed us to do conditioning training for the few who are present. We will also see tomorrow (today editor’s note) how we will be and I hope to still have them available, then we will try to understand what each person’s condition will be in terms of rotation and find a little something for everyone”. Not the best situation, in short, to face an opponent in a good moment of form and results (three wins in a row). “We were hoping to prepare it in a different way because we care a lot about it. Faenza are one of the most competitive teams in all of Serie B for quality of players and physicality. They are a different team because they have changed his technical guide and added a crash in the category like Molinaro which he gave even more physicality to the long section, not to mention underdogs like Siberna and Petrucci who play back to the basket and two games of rhythm and thrust. now assimilates the hand of coach Garelli by modifying his way of playing”.

An opponent against whom Imola, beyond the precarious physical condition, will not change his style of play. “We cannot have the presumption of waiting for them in the middle of the field – concludes Grandi – and no matter how we are, we We will impose our basketball by pressing the ball, keeping the rhythm high and looking for the counter-attack. As long as the body allows us we will do it, after which we will release our nervous, mental energy and all that it it takes to finish the game our way”.

The other matches (series B, group C, 25th round): yesterday Ozzano – Npc Rieti; Ancona – Senigallia. Today, 6 p.m. Cesena – Jesi; Rimini-Montegranaro; Civitanova-Luiss Rome; Teramo–Giulianova; RS Rieti-Roseto.

Ranking: Roseto 40, Rimini 38; NPC Rieti 36; RS Rieti 34; Ancona, Ozzano, Senigallia, Andrea Costa 30; Faenza, Cesena 22; Teramo, Luiss Roma 20; Thursday 15; Giulianova, Civitanova 6; Montegranaro 4.

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