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ANDREA COSTA: Wiltshire 4, Fazzi 5, Guidi, Fussi, Trapani 10, Carnovali 8, Calabrese 3, Corcelli 17, Vigori 7, Cusenza 10, Trentino 10. All. Grown up.

VIRTUS CIVITANOVA: Montanari, Rosettani 5, Costa 8, Serine, Guerra, Pedicone 3, Felicioni 5, Vallasciani, Dessì 6, Riccio 24, Musci 8. All. Schavi.

Referees: Chiarugi and Mariotti.

Notes: Partial 16-13; 32-31; 53-47. Two points: 1833, 920. Three points: 1030, 1034. Free throws: 815, 1118. Rebounds: 40-35.

by Luca Monduzzi

Andrea Costa returns to winning ways against Civitanova and takes another big step towards winning the playoff goal. Admittedly, it was not a walk for the reds and whites, facing the penultimate of the classification which turned out to be perhaps tougher than expected, often keeping their nose in front and with the decisive break which intervenes between the end of the third and the start of the last quarter.

Andrea Costa’s start was immediately intense with 7-0 after 2′ to which the guests responded with a triple from Rosettani and Riccio, getting back into the game. In attack, Imola’s game loses fluidity and in the long run Civitanova also manages to put his nose on the 9-11 at 7′, Imola reacting after Grandi’s timeout and returning with the revived Carnovali at the end of the first . 10′. The exit due to Guerra’s injury at the start of the second quarter did not demoralize Civitanova who exploited the greatest concreteness on the rebound and on the difficulties of Imola found the overtaking on 18-21 at 13 ‘.

When Imola regains its intensity, even the attack returns to reward it, with captain Corcelli’s two hat-tricks to which Costa and Felicioni respond in a run that still remains in balance at half-time, with Civitanova supported by Riccio’s test and the red and white to complain for too many errors to release (410).

Riccio confirmed himself as a headache for the Imola defense and, together with Costa, he led his team 37-39 to another counter-pass in the 22nd minute. Grandi lowered the quintet (Calabrese and Trentin under the basket) but did not find the necessary reaction to give the piloting because the triplets of Corcelli and Carnovali replied Dessì and Civitanova kept the nose in front at 25 ‘. With the quintet the highest Imola finds the right verve and passes the right gear by finding the fifth triple of Corcelli at the end of the third quarter and the blaze of Trentin at the start of the last until 58-49 at 31 ‘, over time- by Schiavi.

Virtus did not react, however, and only Riccio remained a danger up front, so Andrea Costa, even without the three leaders Trapani, Cusenza and Carnovali on the pitch, managed to extend to 69-52 in the 37th minute and put the game in. cooler. .

The other races: Rome-Cesena 75-49, Teramo-RS Rieti 50-54; Senigallia-Rimini 56-60; Montegranaro-Ozzano 73-79; Giulianova-Faenza 86-94; Npc Rieti-Jesi 72-73; Roseto-Ancona 75-78.

Ranking: Rimini 42; Rose garden 40; CNP Rieti, RS Rieti 38; Ancona 34; Ozzano, Andrea Costa 32; Senigalia 30; Faenza 26; Cesena, Teramo, 22; Thursday 19; Giulianova, Civitanova 6; Montegranaro 4.

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