‘Antenna della Salute’ against hate speech, new online training event

The training program coordinated by the participation committee of the Amiata Senese / Valdorcia / Valdichiana Senese health society continues, with the participation of ASL Toscana SE and regional partners

VALDICHIANA. A new training event dedicated to Health Antennas and all those interested in having more information on the topic of vaccines, the pandemic and health in our region, is scheduled for Friday April 1 at 3 p.m. online on the facebook page ‘Antenna della Salute, of La Valdichiana and on its YouTube channel.

In the new training event, antennae will talk about fight against hate speech, thanks to the support of the “No Hate Speech Movement Italy”, to learn how to manage conflicts in online conversations and improve our digital ecosystem. The webinar is live streamed with the ability to speak with questions and comments. After an introduction by Dr. Francesco Pipparelli from Valdichiana Media, it will be the turn of Dr. Debora Barletta, national coordinator for No Hate Speech Movement Italy, trainer and international facilitator, passionate about learning and supporting the empowerment of young people, who will address the subject “Strategies No Hate Hate moments of crisis: how to prepare to better face and mitigate violent and aggressive communications; followed by a round table with the Health Antennas, organized by the Participation Committee of the Val d’Orcia Health Society – Amiata – Valdichiana Senese.

the The ‘Antenne della Salute’ project is part of the ‘Cantiere della Salute’ is wanted by the Tuscany Region and Federsanità Anci and aims to strengthen the regional system of participation in health care with citizens, operators and entities of the Third Sector. The ‘Antennas della Salute’ are all those volunteers who decide to help their community by connecting the population and the Health Society: members of associations, workers in the health sector, but also ordinary citizens, anyone who feels the will to be able to lend a hand. Each volunteer will be able to collect citizenship applications within the scope of vaccination and beyond, through a collection system that will allow them to understand what needs to be clarified. Citizens who have doubts or concerns about vaccines and the health situation can contact the nearest branch, which will collect their requests and forward them to the Health Society Participation Committee to organize public events and coordinate responses. required through online communication channels.

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