Anti-stress sports: which physical activities to choose and why

Sand you feel the endless days and swirling rhythms take your breath away, try indulging in some anti-stress sport. You are spoiled for choice

It is now well known: physical activity is a panacea, on several levels. It is also an excellent antidote against tensions and worries because it acts as an instant calming agent or, on the contrary, as a powerful detonator. If therefore you feel that you are reaching the limit, that the endless days and the swirling rhythms take your breath away, try to devote yourself to a anti-stress sports. What is? In reality, you are spoiled for choice: indeed, there are many disciplines that can help you in this regard.

Despite what many think, it’s not just gentle, meditative practices, like yoga, that relieve nervousness and anxiety. In some cases, brisk and intense activities, such as boxing, are more effective. It depends on how you are and how you feel. Here is a short guide to help you orient yourself.

Before choosing, think about what makes you feel good

There are people who need to slow down to relax and others who, on the contrary, need to let off steam vigorously to free themselves from tension. Before choosing the anti-stress sport that suits you, try to understand what activities typically help you loosen your grip.

Are you more into Zen practices, deep breaths and moments of reflection or slammed doors, screams and outbursts of madness? In the first case, you will probably benefit more from “calm” disciplines, which require concentration and involve slow rhythms. In the second, however, of the lively and intense ones, which make you sweat and clear your mind.

Keep in mind, however, that all sports have psychological benefits. Indeed, they regulate the concentration of cortisol, the “stress hormone”, and increase the production of serotonin, the hormone that provides well-being and serenity. The simple act of moving therefore increases relaxation and well-being.


To further increase the beneficial effects of movement, you can choose a specific anti-stress sport. If you like slow activities, opt for yoga. In reality, it is much more than a simple physical exercise: it is a true philosophy of life, which aims to awaken and harmonize the energy which circulates inside our body. The objective is to help those who practice it to achieve and maintain an optimal psychophysical state.

The asanas, that is to say the typical positions of yoga, mainly static, promote physical and mental relaxation. Some, then, focus on the points where stress and tension tend to build up, such as the lower back and shoulders, by relaxing them.

The slow, deep breathing required by this discipline also induces tranquility and removes anxiety. Not only that: this discipline helps you bring your attention to what is happening inside your body, so clears the mind of negative and stressful thoughts.


Here is another great classic in terms of anti-stress sports. This training technique consists of a series of exercises and movements practiced with the free body or with certain tools, capable of lengthening and toning the muscles and at the same time release tension.

Pilates requires great coordination between the body, the brain and the spirit. The result? During the lesson you will not have time to think about everyday worries and it will help you Literally “empty” the mind.

Also over time you will learn to relax through the contraction and relaxation of muscle groups according to specific patterns. Breathing will also be a great help in fighting nervousness.

Kickboxing and others

If you need to collapse from fatigue to melt away the stress, you can focus on kickboxing lessons, a very fun activity in which, more than strength, the accuracy of the shot counts. That is why it is also perfect for women. It is available in many different disciplines, such as light kick, full contact, low kick.

In fact, any dynamic sport involving kicks, punches, and knees could be for you. So you can also opt for boxing or fit boxingwhich combines techniques derived from martial arts and boxing with aerobic exercises.

Very nice too Tae Boe, a kind of boxing in dance and aerobic version, intense, fun and engaging. And, again, the Pa Kua Changone of the styles of martial arts, and the Kravfita mix between Krav Maga, the defense technique of the Israeli army, and dance.

Spinning, climbing and water aerobics

Have you discovered that what you need to release tension is dynamic, frantic activity? Then you can consider signing up for a spinning, hydrobike (water bike) or water hike (treadmill in the swimming pool): between one acceleration and the next you will have neither breath nor energy to think, and you will surely purify yourself of all toxic worries.

Other valid alternatives are climbing, even indoors, which allows you to shift the focus from your internal anxieties to what you are doingrunning, aerobics class.

Anti-stress sports, 3 useful tips

  1. Whatever anti-stress sport you choose, in the end always stretch: muscle elongation promotes an induced relaxation mechanism.
  2. If you can, train outdoors: contact with nature and greenery is a natural anti-stress. Yes, even if you are a city and metropolitan soul.
  3. Don’t stubbornly pursue an activity you don’t likeDoing something that doesn’t give you satisfaction and joy will only increase your stress. So stop what you started doing right away if you don’t like it, even if on paper it sounds great for anxiety and tension.

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