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Antonella Clerici must take care of her health, she cannot ignore it. The treatment caused him problems

Antonella Clerici broke the silence and decided to speak to one of the more difficult times of his life, in which the treatment which had been prescribed to him had caused him a lot of problems. And so, reading on the site OK Byewe discover that the presenter of It’s always noon she is the protagonist of a physical condition that some still hide in the world of entertainment.

Indeed, the arrival of what we are talking about today, in this field means “The end of the woman considered to be no longer attractive”. Despite this belief, Antonella Clerici was not at all worried about her new health. As he even wanted to tell all the implications related to the current particular period of his life.

A real sigh of relief the presenter describes it, who said she felt better because she would no longer have to deal with the frequent headache. In fact, very often she was forced to hire painkillers feel good. And so, in October 2017, the presenter’s menstrual cycle took off suddenly blocked

Antonella Clerici and the treatments that destroyed her

Antonella Clerici necessary care

But as the days go by, Antonella Clerici realizes that the situation it didn’t improve at all. On the contrary, things were going from bad to worse for the presenter. According to what he claims, the unexpected events related to menopause they are much more difficult to bear. He mainly talks about hot flashes heat, which made her feel warm even when it was winter outside.

It is for this reason that during each episode, he never gave up his folding fan. Joking with viewers, he said that if he was hot, the cause was due to “Heaters”. And so Antonella Clerici chooses to take the situation with irony, so that everything can seem less serious. He certainly never wanted to choose the path of regret the past yearsa time when everything was simpler.

In fact, with the onset of menopause, so does body has begun change a lot transform his skin by making it thicker due to the Water retention. The clothes he wore until recently, he couldn’t use them anymore. Antonella Clerici must therefore face the consequences linked to the menopausesomething that forced her to change her way of life.

To take better advantage of this new condition, Clerici goes to look for the right remedy, something that could avoid all these problems. And so start testing the climactericsomething that caused him a lot more problems than menopause. The presenter began to feel much worse and grow a lot. Then go to phytotherapeutic treatmentsomething that causes him problems in the endometrial zone.

At this moment, discouraged by the situation, Antonella Clerici decides to give up and live as it is this period of menopause. Fortunately, things improved for the woman when she turned to specialists. Thanks to this, she managed to switch simply some of his habits, mainly concerning diet.

The best solution is to to eat less and remove the salt. Thanks to this new diet, she even managed to keep her levels under control cholesterolget back into good physical shape.

All this also thanks to the fact that she has included a bit of in her daily routine Physical education. Aerobic And fast walk are the answers.

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