APRIL 4 / +125 deaths, -6 hospitalizations in IT CORONAVIRUS BULLETIN OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH

Today, Monday April 4, 2022, the Ministry of Health’s Coronavirus Bulletin was updated. According to the dicastery led by Roberto Speranza, 30,630 new positive cases have been registered in the last 24 hours, down from the totals of the previous day. Sadly, another 125 people have died, bringing the total number of Covid-19 victims to 159,909 since the outbreak began.

The Ministry of Health’s coronavirus bulletin shows that 40,915 people have been cured or discharged since February 2020, bringing the total to 13,442,930. Among hospitalized patients -6 patients in intensive care (483) and +224 patients in other departments Covid (10,241). Finally, there are 1,274,305 people currently positive and 1,263,581 people in home isolation. (Update in MB)


Today, Monday April 4, 2022, is the day to discover the Ministry of Health’s coronavirus bulletin together. It’s the start of a new week, the first full week of a new month, and the first full week since the state of emergency was lifted. Indeed, a series of restrictive measures that have accompanied us for the past two years have failed since last April, but experts always remind that this does not mean that the pandemic is over, especially since covid is still present. two of us

Infections reported yesterday by the Department of Health bulletin for the coronavirus show that there were 53,588 new positives out of 364,182 swabs analyzed, for a positivity rate of 14.7%. The death toll continues to rise, which yesterday claimed 118, bringing the total number of people killed by covid to 159,784 since the start of the emergency. To date, there are rather 10,017 hospitalized in the medical field, against 68 bedridden in the previous report, and 489 others in intensive care, with a drop of -4. Finally, according to yesterday’s bulletin, in Lombardy there were 6,371 positive cases.


And yesterday Health Minister Espoir reiterated how far the pandemic is from over, even though the state of emergency has been lifted: “In public communication, it seems that war has taken the place of the Covid, but the Covid added, which is still there”. We see it in the infections: the Covid is added to the problems of the war, and this requires a big effort on the part of the people, of the States, ”the executive told the Rai program half an hour later.

Hope stressed that the pandemic “must be confronted with everyday tools and greater confidence, as well as with caution, progressiveness and improvements in the national health service”. I’m confident because Italians are showing a high level of notoriety.” “I keep thinking about basic masks,” said the minister of masks used indoors. They are currently required indoors, and – in the third decade of April, we will evaluate their use to determine the options to pursue from May 1st”.


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