Arezzo, burned youth: the unders disappoint – Sport

by Luca Amorosi

That the D-series is robust is nothing new. Giacomo Biondi has also repeated it recently, who also won it at Rieti four years ago and returned to repeat himself and become a prophet in his homeland. A grueling tournament, which only rewards one team with promotion, relegating those who failed in self-contempt to the playoffs that serve only to draw up all but obvious draft rankings, given the football league’s continued desire to reduce the number of professional clubs. One of the greatest difficulties of the fourth series, especially for those who want and must win, is the obligation to field four “unders”, which this season are equivalent to those born from 2000, for the entire duration of each game. A heavy constraint, which implies the need for a sporting director with in-depth knowledge of the category. Youth performance is one of the most discussed issues in the Arezzo home.

The same coach Mariotti ignited the debate after the leaders’ home defeat: “I look at the San Donato and I don’t distinguish the unders from the ‘big ones’,” the coach said, in effect stating that his unders can’t play It has often been said that in Arezzo the pressures are different compared to less ambitious places without an audience.

With less than ten matches to go, however, it is also true that some amaranth “odds” have not proven to be up to a top team. On all the laterals: the Mastino from 2001, already coached by Mariotti, and the Ruggeri from 2003, loaned by Parma, almost never convinced, collecting timid tests and individual faults. The other Campaner of 2003, now owner in place of Sarde, did no better, showing defensive and technical shortcomings. Diesse Tromboni ran to take cover on the market but failed: the three full-backs (Magliocca, Zona and Giofré) bought between December and January hardly ever saw each other due to injuries.

In midfield things were looking up at the start of the season, with Mancino and Damiano Marras showing they had some good shots but were losing performance as the months passed. The first combines discreet feet, leg and competitive spirit, but ended up losing the compass tossed between the roles of mezzala and attacking midfielder. Marras also got lost, possibly penalized by lack of use as a starter, while his twin Niccolò still remained in the pits due to a bad groin. Finally, Memushi and keepers Commisso and Balucani can’t be judged, never deployed as Colombo was the happiest note on that front. The San Marino player, despite a few hollow jokes in tricky away matches like the last one or at Poggibonsi, proved to be a safety between the posts. The Lazzarini 2000 has also done well, since his arrival he has alternated the roles of full-back and mezzala always with temperament and personality.

More shadows than lights overall, and we also wonder if Mariotti (and Sussi during his parenthesis) allowed them to give the best of themselves.

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