Arezzo, the stages of the third place mission – Sport

by Andrea Lorentini

From pursuer to hare. The last round of the championship changed the balance of power in the race for third place. Arezzo now has its destiny in its hands. The victory of Livorno and the simultaneous defeat of Gavorrano in Scandicci allowed the amaranths to extend to +3 on the zone of Maremma.

Five days before the end of the championship, the perspective of Mariotti’s team is turned upside down.

Now the goal is to maintain and, if possible, strengthen the valuable advantage gained during the Easter team. Also because in the event of a tie on points, Gavorrano would win thanks to the direct clashes in his favor. The calendar between now and May 15 offers the home match against Scandicci, then the trip to Piancastagnaio, Cannara in the municipal elections, Badesse out and closing at home against Flaminia. On paper, a fairly easy course with two races each more insidious than the other: those with Pianese and Badesse who are fighting for a placement in the playoffs. Follonica Gavorrano, meanwhile, will face Badesse, Flaminia, Unipomezia, Rieti and Trestina.

More or less the coefficient of difficulty is similar. A sprint is announced which could decide the yarn. Arezzo certainly arrives at the end of the season with favorable inertia. The last 180 minutes were a good confidence boost for Cutolo and his teammates. The victory against Poggibonsi broke the taboo of direct confrontations with the best formations, the five of the “Picchi” gave continuity and confirmed that, although with some remaining limits, the group is compact and has found its own identity. Since returning to the bench, in 12 games, Mariotti has won seven, drawn four and lost one. Twenty-five points out of 36 available. Numbers that weren’t enough to get back into the fight for the top spot, but it means substantial solidity. Tactically, the transfer in 4-3-3 turns out to be a good move.

The trident improves the qualities of offensive players. Especially Elio Calderini. At Livorno, he scored 17 goals this season, 11 of them in amaranth, in addition to producing three assists. Dribbling, swerving, jerking, physical strength. In Serie D he makes the difference by detachment. At his side, Mattia Persano also revived.

For the Puglia striker four consecutive goals in the last three games. The feeling is that it has finally found its dimension. He benefited from the proximity of two players of the quality of Calderini and Cutolo. It is no coincidence that from San Donato his goals came from assists on the 18th or 10th. The captain deserves a separate mention, the third pillar of the trident. At 39, Cutolo proves that he still has it. Livorno’s double, which coincided with their first goals in seasonal action, is the seal of an excellent period of form. It could be his last months as a footballer and he wants to wrap it up in the best possible way. Calderini, Persano, Cutolo: third place and victory in the playoffs are mostly up to them.

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