Associations good for health

Within the many regional realities of the Third Sector and the associative sector, associations of great importance from the health point of view also operate, as the Covid-19 epidemic itself has highlighted. These include the Friulian Association of Blood Donors (Afds), which for decades has carried out a multifaceted activity focused on the voluntary collection of blood and plasma ( The region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia is one of the first in Italy in the availability of blood compared to the inhabitants, a sign of great civic-mindedness. The Afds (which has its institutional headquarters in the Udine Hospital) in 2021 had collected around 35,000 donations from the municipal, corporate and student sections (also with the increasingly important blood autos) and in addition to the health aspects dailies, pays attention to scientific research and organizes regional conferences and meetings as well as medical conferences every year. Significant and motivating were the public awards given to donors of the various categories which also appear on the house organ “Il Dono”.

The AFDS must also face the future given the factors of age (risks of senilization of the donor) and the need to maintain a constant relationship with people, because the donation of blood and organs in Italy must remain a generous, habitual and free gesture. As President Roberto Flora recently recalled, “We must prepare for the future so as not to suffer it” and this in 2022 calls for organizational innovation also with regard to the reform of the third sector. It means welcoming the IT evolution of management activities using time and organizational resources for interpersonal relations, using new transfusion technologies by offering greater flexibility in times and places of donation and finally maintaining relations with health professionals (doctors, nurses and academics).

In summary, in addition to the essential and priority value of donors, both local public health structures and similar voluntary associations (such as Aido and Admo) must increase their organizational capacities and the effectiveness of informing the population. against islands of insensitivity or against them. nonsense that raged during the Covid-19 epidemic. Thus the partnership between the Afds and the sister regional associations, the Civil Protection and the arms associations which collaborate in numerous social initiatives (such as the Alpine troops in the vaccination campaign) is important. The role of “facilitator” of companies, professional associations and unions and especially schools in the organization of donations in their own premises in partnership with the AFDS is also important: it is a cultural value which also promotes the image of the organizational structure.

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