At Acquese the Rotary Club project against food waste


ACQUI TERM – The Rotary Club Acqui Terme and the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Piedmont Region presented the project “Ciapa e porta a cà“Aiming to raise awareness among the general public and operators in the Acquese sector on the positive practice of taking home food and wine consumed in restaurants and, at the same time, develop greater awareness of the value of the quality foods that are produced thanks to the commitment of the Piedmontese agricultural and agrifood sector.


At the headquarters of Winery in Acqui Terme, the president of the Rotary Club Acqui Terme spoke Giacomo Guerrina, the councilor for agriculture and food of the Piedmont region Marco Protopapa, representing Coldiretti Stefania Grandinetti of the Le Piaggie di Ponzone farm, of the Confagricoltura Franco Priarone dat the Podere La Rossa farm in Morsasco and the President of the Enoteca of Acqui Terme Annalisa Vittoré.

« Membership in the Rotary Club Acqui Terme – said President Giacomo Guerrina – is part of the awareness-raising strategy that the Rotary movement has been pursuing for more than a decade. In this case, the Rotary Club Acqui Terme invites Acqui restaurants and farms to contact us (email: and telephone number 348 3614209). To the first restaurateurs and tour operators who, in addition to the desire to present themselves as places of conscious consumption and against waste, offer in their menu recipes and dishes from the Piedmontese culinary tradition as well as quality Piedmontese agri-food products, will provide us with “food bags” and “wine bags” bearing the Rotary logo, specially made of recyclable and compostable material by a specialized company, to be delivered to customers who request them and thanks to which they can take food portions home in an elegant, practical and safe and all the remaining bottles. On the bags, with the Rotary logo, the slogan chosen for the project “Ciapa e porta a ca!” Bringing home the authentic taste of Piedmont “in a light and light way invites the consumer to action and at the same time recalls VisitPiemonte’s communication campaign” Authentic Piemont “.


“With the claim to Bring home the authentic taste of Piedmont, the project launched by the Regional Council of Agriculture and Food with Visit Piemonte has begun, also sharing similar initiatives previously carried out, always with the aim of enhance Piedmontese food and wine, especially our certified quality products. By choosing the food and wine bag, we are also performing an act of respect for the entire Piedmontese agrifood chain, from the farmer to the cooks”. – underlined the regional councilor for agriculture and food Marco ProtopapaTo the promotional launch, which took place in February in Turin, is now added a specific initiative reserved for Acqui Terme and Acquese thanks to the involvement of the Rotary Club. The confirmation of a project that can involve local realities on an issue important for families and for the consumer, that of food education. I hope that this initiative can be shared by other bodies and associations present in other Piedmontese municipalities”.

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