“At the Casa della Salute, the treatments used by great athletes to combat osteoarthritis and arthritis”

Patients at the Casa della Salute in Bagnoregio were treated like golf star Tiger Woods or tennis star Rafael Nadal or like professional footballers. This is what happens in the health facility from Wednesday March 30after the Municipality donated, together with the Dougrafter II centrifuge, 50 HY TISSUE PRP medical devices, produced by Fidia Laboratories, for the production and administration of PRP (Platelet Enriched Plasma).

The donation made it possible to start therapy courses for knee problems or chronic tendon injuries for patients who come to the Casa della Salute, thanks to the administration of PRP, which is also what many sports stars undergo to recover from physical problems of a supportive nature to which they are subjected.

“Global and Regional Health Technology Assessment (GRHTA), in a recent publication, states that osteoarthritis and arthritis (O/A) – chronic degenerative changes in joint cartilage characterized by pain, deformity, instability and functional limitation – represent the second chronic condition, after hypertension – explains Dr. Ivano Mattozzi, doctor of the ASL of Viterbo and scientific manager of the project coordinated by Dr. Cristina Natalizi, assisted by the nursing staff -. It is therefore a phenomenon with a very strong impact on the population, of which 5 million Italians are affected.

The average annual cost of care for the national health service of a patient with O/A, regardless of the affected site and gender, is equal to 1,583.31 euros, compared to an annual expenditure of hyaluronic acid and PRP for the treatment of 425.32 euros”.

The principle on which the treatments are based is that of Regenerative Medicine (RM). In practice, one proceeds to the activation of the processes of repair and regeneration, to restore the physiological functions.

“This is a new therapeutic perspective against joint and tendon pathologies caused by pathological events such as aging or trauma – adds Mattozzi -. To regenerate a tendinous structure is to heal by repairing it and not only to intervene on the symptom that the injury causes. After all, the injuries of a professional athlete are no different from those of another person – concludes Mattozzi – the difference lies in notoriety and in the perceived remuneration, but the social and economic costs of the second are even greater.

We started on March 30 with the first four patients and they are the first treated with platelet gel, through the NHS of the ASL establishment, among others certified by the immunotransfusion service of the same ASL of Viterbo. Our goal is to develop regenerative medicine, building a dedicated path to cutting-edge technology within Casa della Salute, in agreement with the local health authority. Let’s think about Scrambler Therapy”.

“The municipality, in agreement with the local health authority, has been contributing for years to the initiatives adopted by the Casa della Salute in favor of the improvement of local health services and the growth of assistance – underlines the mayor of Bagnoregio , Luca Profili, and the health adviser, Massimo Zeroli – We therefore welcomed the proposal of this new service, which makes the installation not only more efficient, but also more advanced from the point of view of the medical technologies adopted. Also in this case, as on previous occasions, our support has materialized in the search for the necessary resources to raise the levels of assistance of a structure that for years has represented an essential point of reference for the quality of life. of the inhabitants of Bagnoregio and of all the citizens of Teverina”.

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