At the ornithological and health park “La Selva di Paliano” Sunday March 27, the ecological day

With the park full of beautiful white and gray herons, the Amici della Selva di Paliano association invites everyone (old but also those who want to become new members) to take part in the ecological day on Sunday March 27 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. For everyone, brooms made with local bamboo canes to clean the alleys and squares from where you can finally see the splendid lakes. All this to spend the first Sunday of spring in company and to be ready to welcome old and new members of theFriends of the Forest Association in order to spend a weekend among the green of the bamboo canes and the wonderful passing animals that fill this green space of more than 40 hectares between the provinces of Frosinone and Rome and just 5 minutes from the Colleferro motorway exit.

Next Sunday after the first opening on March 8, it will be an opportunity to revive the meadows, walkways and lakes of our beloved park which over the years, before decay and utter abandonment, made known our neighborhoods to millions of tourists. Today the members of our association want the children to run after a ball on the magnificent lawn in front of the largest lake.

“We are at the beginning of what we believe to be a great adventure and it is our firm will to move forward towards freedom – the members of the board of directors of Ass. Amici della Selva di Paliano – verso il benessere delle persone e verso coloro che vorranno partecipare con noi al fine di dare una bella ripulita ad un ambiente, tutto sommato ancora incontaminato e che noi vorremmo far tornare agli antichi splendori, per far godere questa natura to all The Selva di Paliano truly belongs to all those who have respect for nature, for the environment and for those who want to walk together and engage in serious discussions about the future of the whole region with a new vision of the development of wine tourism in the region, taking into account the enormous potential offered by the Paliano campaign.

For us, the Selva di Paliano must once again become the great tourist attraction that cannot be left to the public. We need private initiatives, we need innovative initiatives for recovery. We, Amici della Selva di Paliano, have been putting our good will into it for several months now. Those who love La Selva follow us! For more information you can call us at 335/5326888 “.

NB Sunday March 27 will be plastic-free. If you want to have breakfast, bring what you need with sandwiches etc… and then take it home, because we don’t want to get dirty like we used to. We are rightly changing our mentality, in the hope that we will all be better able to experience nature and leave it to posterity as we find it.


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