“At work for the new Casa della Salute” – Chronicle

After four hundred days of activity, the vaccination center in via Risorgimento closes. And a few tears streaked the faces of the volunteers in the spaces that were the Fair Thursday, March 31 was the last day of vaccines at the Fair and for the occasion the Mayor Massimo Isola with Councilor Davide Agresti and the Chief Executive of the nursing, Anna Lusa, met the staff for a final salute. 172 vaccines were administered on the last day in a facility, that of the Fiera di Faenza, which until before the pandemic had hosted exhibitions and exhibitions. And then he changed roles.

In February 2021, in the midst of an emergency, it was identified as a place to welcome the inhabitants of Faenza for anti-Covid vaccinations. In fact, the choice dates back to the fall of 2020. In the Zanelli room, some family doctors asked to be able to use this facility to vaccinate their patients against the flu. After this experience, which turned out to be very positive for the size of the premises and especially for the availability of a large car park, he looked further afield. The anti-covid vaccines were already expected and at the end of January 2021 the first inspections by the Ausl, the administration and the technicians of the public works sector of the Union began. The health authority was looking for spaces that would allow a large volume of vaccines.

Thus the doors of the Salon opened for the first time on February 18 for the first vaccines. These spaces have seen more than 130,000 people pass through. In hall B, some general practitioners, preferring not to perform operations in their clinics, also vaccinated school staff and their patients. For four hundred days, in addition to the Ausl staff, who took care of the vaccination operations and all the administrative part, a huge helping hand was given by retired nurses and doctors and by the volunteers of numerous associations which have proved to be fundamental for many other operations. , from those of acceptance and reception to the doctors who submitted the citizens who wanted to be vaccinated for the anamnesis.

In summary, 128,552 doses of anti-Covid vaccine were injected from February 18, 2021 to March 31, 2022, from the age of 12; 8,974 from 12 to 17 years old, to which must be added 11,9578 doses for those over 18 years old. For children between 5 and 11 years old, 1,890 pediatric doses were administered. And 1,995 flu vaccines were also injected.

In the “radius” point of Castel Bolognese, however, the doses distributed were 13,865 while in Casola Valsenio 1,106.

Now the Fair – pavilion A – is intended for the construction of the new Casa della Salute, the main one in the city. An investment of 1.2 million. “This place and what happened inside – explains the mayor of Isola – have accompanied the city on the difficult path of emerging from the Covid emergency, allowing the vast majority of the population to be vaccinated. We are now working on the realization of the new Community Health Loger”. “The Faenza Fair – said curator Davide Agresti – for about thirteen months has been the focus of the main obstacle to the pandemic, the vaccine. What has done it is the professionalism of health personnel and the competence and the patience of the many volunteers”.

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