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A lethal combination. A little local news that says more than it seems and unfortunately teaches us something about the speed with which rumors circulate (a few minutes) even and especially when they are unconfirmed, unverified. Even and especially when there is a grain of truth. Especially since the images of war and despair coming from Ukraine suggest a future scenario of more or less restrictive austerity on the horizon. But yesterday we went further: everything happens, from the end of the morning and in a few hours, in the north of Sardinia. We have been direct witnesses.

On Wednesday, an audio message starts playing (ineffably, group chat after group chat). Or rather two: we are talking about a now certain, safe, hard, inevitable 15-day strike for the carriers. And we are talking about supermarkets that are filling the warehouses to the maximum to deal with the emergency. It is, as always in these cases, the people who “work in the sector” who speak. Which, even if it were true, doesn’t mean that everyone is aware of the weight of what they say and the consequences.

The psychosis is triggered, various points of sale in Sassari and beyond see incomprehensible queues of customers filling their trolleys with mineral water and other foodstuffs with more or less long life, literally emptying the shelves. Scenes never seen even in the spring of 2020, when entries were limited. There are also those who – indifferent to the prices of jewelry now – line up at gas stations to fill up with fuel.

For the moment the strike is not even official. But there is a grain of truth, there always is; however, the tools available to each citizen to relativize and weigh them are different. Role that belongs to those who tell the reality by profession. The role of the journalist is increasingly bypassed in the way the majority of the population is informed. So a “whatsapp” is enough to trigger panic.

It is true that yesterday there was a meeting in Tramatza, a classic meeting point halfway between Cagliari and Sassari, with around 300 truck drivers from all over Sardinia to say no to expensive diesel, which makes their tireless work. The strike will in any case be voluntary: the organizers of the meeting say they are ready to “paralyze the island to draw attention” to the diesel which “has now arrived at astronomical prices”. With diesel at 3 euros, shops are closing, there is no doubt. The call of the truckers must be heard, the regional and national policy must act without delay to remedy an unsustainable situation.

But what made the difference yesterday was the annoying and well-trained tone of those who sounded the alarm. The local accent gives even more of a sense of the nearby urgency: “Good morning gentlemen, know that from Monday the truckers will sit back for two weeks, so get organized because soon no more goods will arrive zero go. It’s a joke, but a very serious thing”. And then again: “Guys, go and stock up, buy especially water and pasta because you won’t find any more from Monday”. In reality , the retail managers consulted assure us that there are absolutely no supply problems.The truckers who gathered yesterday in Tramatza assured themselves that after all, basic necessities (such as water, food, milk and medicine) will always be protected.

Protests, obviously legitimate, will take place. Even locally, with blocks and procedures to be defined. In addition, protests were announced across Italy against fuel price increases for one day on March 19. The stoppage is proclaimed by Unatras, the union of the most representative national road transport associations, in response to the lack of government signals requested to contain the effects due to the increase in petrol and diesel and to ensure the continuation of activities. But the assumption that they will completely halt production and supplies for days does not exist at this time. Knowing how many will hit for days and days is impossible. The fear of running out of food dulls common sense. “We never know”. Among other things, as New Sardinia reports today, it turns out that the self-proclaimed Campidanese truck driver who lightly described starvation scenarios does not know him and the saleswoman who “works there in the supermarket “, well, maybe she’s actually doing some other job.

The recipe is always the same: do not transfer audio messages on WhatsApp without being certain, by experience or from a direct source, of their veracity. Likelihood is not enough. More than ever in these uncertain times. We try to be serious people. Firstly out of respect for truck drivers and for their urgent and complex requests: it is not only a question of diesel, but also of tires, engine oil, spare parts, all their supplies are subject to soaring prices. . . Their demands deserve immediate and serious attention. Don’t chain yourself to Whatsapp.


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