Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Rigolato, March 26 – “The ‘Cjaso Oscar D’Andrea’ project is an important example of a complex journey of multidisciplinary health responses that takes into account the needs of the elderly and frail in marginal areas and that has been built thanks to the and the energy of the community, local associations and volunteers. These deep needs are not satisfied solely by the institutions and to imagine that the health company takes care of everything is false: the institutions have the mission of promoting the subsidiarity system, they have to set the rules and enforce them but then allow this extraordinary wealth of resources to unleash and perform at their best.” This was underscored today by Deputy Governor responsible for health and social policies, Riccardo Riccardi, during the inauguration of the ‘Cjaso Oscar D’Andrea’ in Rigolato, the municipal property, renovated with regional funds (1.5 million d euros) and managed by the “Vicini di casa” association with around ten staff units. The building, named after a city councilor, a volunteer firefighter victim of duty, is a former school whose premises have been redesigned to offer as much as possible the atmosphere and warmth of a house that can accommodate up to twenty-five guests. . Riccardi underlined on the occasion the important cultural change represented by the introduction of the “health budget”. “We have always had in mind an organization of accommodation which, in particular because of the complexity of the non-autonomy, has focused a lot on the structures, on the rules of assistance and on the contrary has simplified the essential: the well-being of Now we have begun, not without difficulty, to reverse this process and the health budget represented precisely this reversal: first we measure people’s needs and on the basis of these we build the structures and equipment of the necessary In the marginal areas of the region – added the Deputy Governor – this approach is worth even more, because uprooting people from the place where they were born, grew up and have the dearest relatives is more painful “. During the inauguration, in the presence of the mayor Fabio D’Andrea, the parish priest Monsignor Gianni Pellarini, the president and director of the Voisins association, Don Francesco Paolo Saccavini and Vittorino Boem, the president and vice-president of the Council il Regional Piero Mauro Zanin and Stefano Mazzolini, Riccardi also recalled the difficult situation that inevitably focused many efforts of the health system on the management of the pandemic. “Maybe we could have done more but we had three emergencies, now the war has also arrived. Yesterday 40,000 people crossed our borders, about 50, 60% of those who cross this country, and we cannot turn around on the other hand in the face of this situation,” concluded Riccardi. ARC / PE / day

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