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TARZO – TheOrdinary General Meeting of Banca Prealpi SanBiagio. Among the points on the agenda, the members of the cooperative credit institute based in Tarzo (TV), in the heart of the Treviso Prealps, which is part of the Cassa Centrale Banca group, will be called upon to discuss and deliberate on the 2021 budget and the profit destination project. The consolidated results for 2021 reveal a solid and proactive bank which combines careful and prudent budgetary management with intense support activities for the territory: an “ecosystem bank”, deeply integrated into the local economic and social fabric and which, by statute , operates according to the principles currently associated with sustainability and the circular economy. The balance sheet total reached 4.97 billion euros (+6.8% compared to 4.66 billion in 2020), while the profit for the year increased by double digits, reaching 21.5 million (+17 .7% against 18.27 million the previous year).

The Institute’s shareholders’ equity is further consolidated (+5.4% to 408.6 million), reinforcing the solidity of the capital to protect the savings of shareholders and customers. The Chairman of Banca Prealpi SanBiagio, Carlo Antiga, commented: “These results underline the solidity of our model of development and sustainable growth, the fruit of deeply rooted work, based on the cooperative principles of mutuality. Last year was better than 2020, but high uncertainty remains in the current economic context, given by the supply problems of companies and by the dynamics of inflation, exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. In the hope that a peaceful solution can be found as soon as possible, we want to send a message of attention and closeness to the community, as we will continue to play our role of supporting the reference territories, redistributing and by reinvesting what we collect here”. The dynamic of commercial activity is also very positive, with deposits (5.42 billion, +12.3%) and customer loans (2.39 billion, +3 .4%) which together reached 7.8 billion (+10%).In particular, both direct deposits (3.63 billion, +12.2%) supported by the increase in household and corporate deposits, and indirect deposits (1.79 billion, +12.5%), driven in particular by the managed savings component (+20.6%, with asset management up nearly 60%).

On the credit side, customer support actions continued during the year through the extension of moratoriums and guaranteed loans: disbursements reached 453 million, including 185 million for consumer families and new loan disbursements real estate to households, loans to the agricultural sector and loans to SMEs. With regard to the performance indicators, the Institute’s efficiency is reflected in a cost income (operating costs / brokerage margin) of 56.09%, while with regard to the risk indices the NPL ratio (impaired exposures / gross loans) is equal to 4.14%, down from 4.92% the previous year, and the ratio between net impaired and net loans to customers is also down to 0.53 % (compared to 1.58% in 2020). Finally, capitalization, with the CET1 ratio which stood at 26.79% (+2.5%), thanks to the increase in regulatory capital (CET1 capital at 424 million). Figures, indexes and indicators that highlight the excellent state of health of the Bank, but which will above all make it possible to support reference communities through the use of funds for donations. The plan to allocate profits to charity reached 3 million euros for the first time (800,000 more than the previous year, +36%). With these funds, the Institute intends to further increase interventions in favor of the younger generations, with interventions in the fields of education, culture and sport; help the third sector, particularly in the health sector and in the assistance to fragilities; promote the development and enhancement of the local agri-food sector and responsible agriculture; and those of protection of the local artistic and architectural heritage. Given the ongoing health emergency, to preserve the health and safety of all, in compliance with anti-Covid regulations, the participation of Shareholders in the Meeting will again this year be through the Representative Appointed.

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