Baseball, MLB restarts: the 2022 season on Sky

The countdown says less two. Then the season 2022 MLB baseball is finally going to kick off. It’s a late spring for the long negotiations that led to renewal of the collective agreement between the owners and the players’ association, but we feel that the wait will be rewarded. the free agent market gave a shock. Many teams that did well last year are still very competitive (this is the case with Atlanta, from Dodgers and of Houston…). Many teams that have long since started a project that has solid foundations have improved and are ready to reap the rewards (e.g. Chicago White Sox And Toronto Blue Jays). Some teams disappointed in recent seasons have invested for an immediate buyout (the usual Yankeesalways one step away from triumph, but still unable to take the last step but also his fellow citizens Dishes yes Minnesota twins). Then there are the teams which are not perfect but which are always able to do everything until the end if they value the merits and hide the faults (here we cannot fail to mention Boston, Milwaukee, Tampa Bay, the giants they or they padres). There are many reasons for curiosity, even to those who are probably not ready to win something immediately but have filled the talent list and can show us what will happen in the near future (eg Detroit And Seattle). American baseball remains, by tradition, this marvelous sport where at least half of major league participants believe they have a chance of winning under certain conditions. And they all have good reasons.

The 2022 season according to Mike Piazza

To introduce the new season, we involved a special character. Mike Piazza is the coach of the Italian national baseball teambut he was a big MLB star with me New York Mets and the Dodgers. One of the strongest receivers in the history of the game for his offensive qualities, 12 times summoned to the All Star Game.

“I understand the changes requested by the players and this long negotiation – says Piazza in the interview carried out by Michele Gallerani for Sky Sport 24 – For example, it is right that young people can earn a little more if they immediately become stars. The career is short and an injury can always compromise everything”. Piazza entered the Mets Hall of Famebut let’s hear who he thinks will be the best team in New York this season: “The Mets made a big hit with Max Scherzer, a record pitcher who won the World Series with Washington. with him and From Grom on the same list, the Mets have two superstar pitchers. However, this is not enough to win. In New York, even if they don’t play in the same league, between Mets and Yankees there is a rivalry as it happens here in Italy in football. It will be fun to follow them this season.” How many chances do the Braves, 2021 champions, have to repeat themselves? A complicated undertaking, according to Piazza: “Lately it’s very difficult to win the World Series again, it happened in the past, but now we need a lot of variables. A little luck, avoid injuries, keep playing together against teams who will always want to beat you because you are the defending champion. There will never be easy matches or comfortable opponents. » The statistics say, in fact, that it is since 2000 that a team has been unable to repeat itself in MLB. Probably the long 162 game season is a huge stress on the head and body and to keep the same motivation and focus for so long, and for a few years in a row, is often too much of an effort.

MLB on Sky Sport

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MLB on Sky for another 5 years: agreement until 2026

sky sports confirmed ditties for MLB baseball until 2026. It will be another five fantastic seasons of great baseball. And it starts well in first week with 4 games from Thursday to Sunday evening. We will see right away twice the big game between the Yankees and the Red Sox, more than a century of rivalry that each year finds strong and spectacular contrast patterns, even though they meet 19 times in the regular season. New York-Boston will open Thursday, April 7 at 7 p.m. to channel 258but we will also see the final game of this series Sunday night on Sky Sport Action. Saturday, April 9 another live broadcast on channel 252 for Tampa Bay-Baltimorealways at 19and then in the night I Dodgers who will play in denver against Colorado. The Los Angeles team is still the number 1 favorite according to all the American specialized press. It is immediately to follow carefully.


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