Because training in a group can be beneficial

Lphysical exercise done in a group, with a friend, with an instructor, can lead to higher levels of performance. Both in the gym and outside. here because

Whether you decide to take a lesson in aptitude indoors or online, a company run or walk, here are some of the benefits you can get from group training.

What motivates us or not to play sports with others

Having healthy, positive people around you who move to improve their bodies and their well-being creates a high level of mutual motivation. The positive energy of those who show themselves charged and energetic while doing the exercises also encourages and inspires the other participants in the group.

When you train with the right people, with a trainer you love, you feel relieved and encouraged to perform at your best, you become more accountable for meeting your fitness commitments and achieving your goals. programs and goals.

Working with others allows you to progress and exercise with less stress and boredom.

Because sweating in a group is better than doing it alone. Discover the 10 advantages of doing so

  1. Starting a weight loss, toning, or muscle building program with a friend or personal trainer leads to an increased rate of success in achieving your goals. Those who do the programs in a group are more likely to lose weight.
  2. You become more responsible, out of respect for others you try to do everything possible not to skip workouts or give your friend a hole waiting for you to go for a walk.
  3. With others suffering with you on every plank and climb you feel more inclined to continue the exercise because if others are successful you must also succeed until the last second or reps. Doing the same with others will help you cross the threshold more and more.
  4. With others you can improve your performance. Working with a partner allows you to speed up the exercises. When you are busy doing a circuit with the group, even if you are exhausted, do what you can to not be less than the others and complete the circuit.
  5. In-company training leads to the search for positive competitiveness. One of the reasons you push yourself harder than others is the competitive streak in all of us. For example, wanting to follow your partner, group, or trainer can push you harder than you would on your own. Seeing what others are capable of can inspire and motivate you to do more.
  6. Group workouts improve mood, making you feel better and more energized the more you complete the exercises. Performing a training session with people who bring joy increases endorphins, reduces stress and leads to experiencing training as something pleasant, despite fatigue and physical exertion.
  7. When you sweat and train hard, you form a strong bond with those who do this with you. If this mechanism activates in you, you will no longer be able to detach yourself from the group and you will want to come back every week to be with those who do it for your own benefit.
  8. Once the group workouts are scheduled in your calendar, the other people counting on you (instructor and participants of the group) are likely not to abandon the others who counted on your support, you will do what you can to be there. It will help you stick to your schedule and finally achieve the goals that you have never been able to achieve until now.
  9. Group training with the presence of a professional who shows you how to perform each movement correctly can help to correct the execution of the exercises and prevent injuries.
  10. Group exercise is a great way to get a personal trainer that you couldn’t afford on your own. With your partner or several friends, you can enjoy the figure of a professional by sharing the expenses with others. This will allow you to have the same service for less than half the cost.

How to choose group training

  • Find the most convenient gym to reach.
  • Choose the group lesson that suits your physical level, the days and times that you can respect according to your commitments.
  • Find a friend who comes to train with you at the gym, outdoors, online or at home.
  • Join a walking or jogging group.
  • Hire a personal trainer who, in addition to training with you and motivating you, will professionally follow you on your fitness journey.
  • Take live online classes with an instructor alone or in a group.

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